Get excited to throw a truth or dare party!

No matter what your age is, setting up a Truth or Dare party can be the most exciting thing ever! You should get excited.

Most of your friends will be astonished when you will tell them your idea. That's why you will need to gather your party friends - ready for everything that's fun!

Group of friends at a Truth or Dare party

Here, you will find exact outlines for every step of the way. After you have prepared yourself, you will have learned about the huge potential of this game for any college party or sleepover.

Step by step, this website will allow anyone - and I mean absolutely anyone - to bring such an event to life. You will use the exact outlines for a truth or dare party and prepare for an unforgettable night: from preparing the music to cleaning up after the party.

  • Get the inner mindset rock-solid to inspire even the most boring person in any given party. With or without alcohol.
  • Get your guests in an open and fun mood when the party is still in the beginning stages. Even when you invite young couples, you will be able to handle them!
  • Grab, prepare and even print out full lists chalk full of Truth and Dare entries. Some will astonish you. Some will let you do things beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Surprise your friends with your new role as a perfect party entertainer. Truth or Dare college games are perfect for your time in college, no matter your age and no matter what anyone might say!
woman slightly spanking the man with violet sunglasses
  • There are great Truth or Dare Applications for android - be sure to check them out.

Prepared with the right information and good friends who know what will hit them you can organize your party, knowing that it will be a full success.

A peek behind the scenes - Interview between two Dare Masters

After several exciting experiences of successful dare nights, I sat together with a great friend and fellow Dare Master over some drinks. We share our experiences on how to play truth or dare in an interview.

We share a lot of nuggets of secret infos that can only come from experience when throwing Dare parties (we called them "awesome evenings"), starting with how to invite the most fun and hot friends successfully.

Follow along our interview and your party is a guaranteed success! Now that you have the right crowd invited and interested, it's time to get ready to prepare for the "Awesome Evening"!

What do you need next for a good ole game of Truth or Dare? That's right: you need to know good dares. Don't worry, we have you covered. Some good ideas (and how we come up with them) in the interview, and of course tons of ideas all over this website!

Now, some players won't just be down to get down and, ahem, dirty. Especially for the ladies playing, you need to adopt a certain DareDevil attitude. Here is how to get them to play.

Now that you have everyone on board, don't throw the hardest and naughtiest dares at them right from the start! In order to get everyone in the mood, it's perfect to start out with some light-hearted fun dares and truth questions first.

Everyone gets more and more excited during the game. We are all for doing harder and embarrassing dares - within reason. There is a fine balance between giving each other hard dares, and players wussing out. There is also a limit. In our interview, we share our experience how to keep everyone motivated to go as far as they want.

Anyways, a real truth or dare party is no fun with only dudes. The last thing you want to do is to dare each other to do lapdances if you are in a sausage fest (unless you are into that, of course). So, we share more effective mindsets get the girls to your party.

It's also important that you work with your male friends towards the same goal. We talk about evenings with your bros where you can plan for how to turn these chillouts into dare parties. Work as a team, guys! It will be your own little secret society...

With this, we also close our interview, passing over everything again. The cool thing with this interview is, that we very openly share from our long experiences playing THE game with friends. When you see things through the eyes of a Dare Master, it really is a different dimension of fun and excitement!

Have your own original way to play?

Do you have a new or original version of a game discussed here? Great!

Please post it here and share the fun!

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