Asking you Guests for Harder Dares

Part 7 – What if they don’t want or can’t do the dares?

Find the right balance and limits with harder dares: here are some good game rules to keep everyone motivated without going over the limit!

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Let’s say we have a list of some harder dares. I think we can find some.  

But let’s say we have done this and then after this of course would be even harder dares. Where is the end?


The end is where you decide that it is …


You as in the host? The person who host the party?


Yes, the host is the one who decides where the end is. 


What if Amanda doesn’t want to eat some disgusting stuff…?

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No, everyone is free to do it and if he or she doesn’t want to do it, then he or she has to do something else. There’s always an alternative for the person.


Do you have an idea what to do when you don’t want to do the dare?


Maybe they just have to drink another shot of alcohol, not water. Water will be boring. 


Let’s say we have a driver here, who wants to drive home and of course cannot drink alcohol. What can you do?


He will have to do some embarrassing stuff like do a super sexy strip tease or something that he wouldn’t like to. I think the group would be very good at finding out what he wouldn’t like to do and maybe they know those special things that embarrass him. For example, they could give him something to eat that he hates to eat.


For example, if I’m the driver and I hate peanuts and you know it, you can say, “Okay you have to eat some peanuts.”




That would be like: “I hate you man!”


That would be very mean. (laughs)


If we think it’s from a neutral perspective: we have an evening with a lot of friends, boys and girls and they have done a lot of stuff that you don’t want to do. 

Won’t they be mad at the end of the day? 

Won’t they be disappointed about how bad or hard it was?


No, they will enjoy it - because they did it not because they wanted to do it. They did it because “The Game” wanted them to.  

During the game, everyone will get a better feel for each other. It’s not that one member of the group is an enemy; it’s the game who’s the enemy. 

So everyone tries to stick together with everybody. So that they can be stronger than the game. And that’s very good for your peer group.


The next time you have to ask Amanda out, she knows what happens and she will be gladly willing to do it.


Next time, you won’t have to ask Amanda out. She’ll be the one who’s asking you out.


That would be perfect! 


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