Truth or Dare college game – are YOU too old for this game?

Ever wondered if it was normal to play truth or dare college games if you are not a kid anymore?

It is true that children are the first to play Truth or Dare. But that does not make this game less suited for college students. In fact, Truth or Dare is the ultimate game for college! Here is why...

Truth or Dare and college are about fun times, exploring and doing crazy, new things you would never have done elsewhere!

The years at college are the number one time to party hard!

college girls are really crazy about playing truth or dare at parties(Photo from daveynin)

Just like in this awesome party music video...

Especially after playing those legendary drinking games, Truth or Dare college games are the perfect fit. The Truth or Dare rules are so simple that you can play even when heavily drunk, and everybody knows the game anyway.

College games involving lots of alcohol

The players are much more imaginative than children since they have a lot more options of how to play. And the parents are normally not around to join your Truth or Dare college games, either!

Sometimes, it needs smart college students to come up with the most crazy dares possible.

Here are some crazy dare ideas to get your imagination started...

  • Run outside wearing a hula skirt and holding a hot dog in your mouth and frantically run around like a chicken, with noises and all.
  • Be sure to pick a busy, public place for maximal embarrassment!
  • Sniff the breath of all the players and tell who has the worst breath.

    Try to be creative in the descriptions of how the breaths smelled and you will have your next mean nickname ready faster than you can say "dare"!

Lucky guy with a lot of college girlsGet some girls over if you want to make the dares hot!
(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)
  • Choose someone and each of you puts a colored chewing in their mouth. They must have a different color! You have to french kiss and exchange the chewing gum in the process.

    This dare can be as hot as you like (with the most desired kissing partner) or really embarrassing (with an unattractive partner or the guy with the bad breath from the dare before!)
  • Take a naked photo of yourself. Now you have to auction it off to the group! The highest bidder gets to keep the photo while you keep the money.

    Make sure you don't go too far as to avoid the possibility of blackmail with the photo!
  • Go out into a busy public place, like a cafe, and scratch your crotch saying loudly: "Damn! These crabs are itching like hell!"

    This dare is sure to destroy anyone's reputation, so use with care...
  • Reach into the toilet with your hands and have someone lick your finger.

    You choose how disgusting you make your dares!
  • Seductively eat food from someone else's fingers, tongue, belly button or even butt cheeks!

    Grapes, syrop or whipped cream are useful things to have handy for such a dare, but a bit of beer will do the trick also!
  • Make a blindfolded victim kiss three random things without letting them know what they are.

    Here again you can get as naughty (have them kiss body parts) or disgusting as you want!

Time to make some crazy memories and bonding experiences that will be rememberable for a lifetime! It's a game like this one which leads to memories and friendships that last forever...

And seriously, why should children be the only ones to have a blast? Everyone is curious and loves fun, not only little kids!

Truth or Dare college games end often in everyone getting drunk, naked, or both!

At what age do guys and girls stop being interested in each other? That is the age you should stop playing Truth or Dare!

The game is perfect for those who are shyer or not as outgoing. You get the perfect excuse for leaving your comfort zone! Afterwards, it was all just because of the drinks or the game...

If anything, Truth or Dare college games are NOT for children! But you should not stop playing just because you think you are too old for this game.

If you are bored and have nothing to do, you can always choose between watching the rerun of a show on TV or playing the best party game ever! Your choice...

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