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Were you ever at a party where the people did not know each other too well?

Ice breaker games like the funny icebreaker questions will spare you from awkward moments, as you playfully get to know and like everyone at the party!

As the party heats up, the games can get more and more entertaining. See the games for yourself...

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Burning Ice

I packed my suitcase

This is a fun game for all ages and a great way to remember everyone's names!

It's one of the simpler ice breaker games to play in the beginning: everyone in turn says the sentence

"I packed my suitcase with..."

and adds an item of his choice. It can be as colourful and crazy as you want.

Let's say Bob, Angela and Chris are playing this game:

  • (Chris) "I packed my suitcase with a lightsaber" Chris gestures like he was branding this lightsaber, making noises...
  • (Bob) "Chris packed his suitcase with a lightsaber, and I put in my panda bear"
  • (Angela) "Bob packed his suitcase with Chris's lightsaber and his pandabear, and I will add in a rocket launcher!
Lady with a green suitcase and a little puppy

She packed her little doggie into her suitcase 

(Photo from andrea.rose

  • (Chris again) "Angela packed her suitcase with my lightsaber, Bob's panda bear, her rocket launcher and I will pack a bottle of beer into the suitcase!"

And so the game continues. If you want an easy game, you can leave out the names.

But if you barely know the people playing the game, you might want to playfully get to know each and everyone at the party!

Needless to say that you will have lots of silly small talk possibilities!

Play "Fuck, Marry, Kill"

If you just want to kill some time and have a quick laugh, you can play "Fuck, Marry, Kill"!

This ice breaker game will be sure to pass some time, can be played anywhere and will get those conversations rolling!

Socialize with smoking games

Do you have a hookah (or shisha) at your party? Great! There is nothing more like hot smoke to break the ice! Try out playing a smoking game while you chat with your friends over a shisha. Some of the games can even be improvised with cigarette smoke, if you and your friends happen to smoke tobacco.

Blow cards from a bottle

Here things will become more lively! This is one simple but fun drinking ice breaker game, where you will need skill and luck to win! All you need is a card deck and a bottle.

Place the stack of cards flat on the top of the bottleneck. Then take turns trying to blow the cards off the bottle.

Look out:

You lose if you blow the last card off the bottle!

This means you have to face a penalty. Typical penalties for this and many other drinking games are:

Playing Cards

All you need for these games are some cards and a bottle! 

(Photo from garyt70)

  • take a sip of your drink (alcoholic or a non-alcoholic so-called "mystery drink", a barely consumable mixture of different liquids found in the house!)
  • remove one of your clothes (making this a naughty stripping game)

Many players allow only one try and one blow per player.

If you blow too hard, the whole stack of cards will fall down. If you blow too lightly, no cards may fall down at all!

If you want to make it difficult for the next player, try to blow down as many cards as possible!

Suck and blow

Girl Playing Suck and Blow in Video

Almost as naughty as it sounds, in this game you pass a card from mouth to mouth...

As you can see in the video, you can only hold it by inhaling and sucking it to your lips! When you pass the card, stop inhaling and let the next player carry it with their lips to the next player...

Of course, you get a "penalty" when you drop the card on your turn!

  • Either take a drink
  • Or kiss your next player. This applies regardless if it is a male or female player!(this can quickly turn into a heated kissing game)

You often end up accidently kissing your partner anyway, when you drop the card!

Some ideas to mix the game up...

  • If you play with a bigger group, introduce a second card
  • Have this second card go round and round in the other direction
  • Give the card to the opposite player, not to the next (just like in the video)

Have fun with prank calls!

Girl mocking to a telephone

Do you have enough from from all this relaxing? Do you want to do crazy, mischievous stuff with your friends?

How about making telephone prank calls! It's hilarious to trick your friends and play pranks.

Try it out, you won't regret it. That is, if you are doing it smart, of course. You will learn how to do those prank calls risk-free!

Even more ice breaker games!

The following pages contain even more useful games that can be used to break the ice at your party.

  • Especially if you have invited many guests, party games for large groups need to carefully be chosen in order to avoid chaos or boredom under your guests!
  • If you plan an outing with your company and want to build up your teamwork within the group, be sure to try out these teambuilding icebreaker games for small groups.
  • For a very quick and funny icebreaker game, try playing Chubby Bunny. Make sure you have a camera nearby!
  • If there is music and you want people at a party to quickly get to know each other, try out a group icebreaker game that makes use of the music at the party.
  • Planning to celebrate a birthday party with your adult friends? Any of them single and looking for a good time? Why not try out playing some adult birthday party games?
  • Just need many more ice breaker games for all situations: for work, youth groups and family events? 

The Icebreaker Guide will answer all your questions!

Armed with these ice breaker games, your party should take off easily!

How do you break the ice at your party?

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Do you have a great way to heat up the party when it starts? Want to share your favorite ice breaker game?

Awesome! Post your idea here and have the other visitors discuss it!

Your method to break the ice when going to a party where you might only know the host may be a lifesaver for the next visitor!

I don't know about you, but personally I try to remember every little game, joke to tell and entertaining story I can - just to avoid those dreadful awkward silences at a party!

What would you choose if you could either pass an evening with shallow small talk or with cheerful and funny games - and a lot of insiders to talk about?

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