What is the best number of players when playing Truth or Dare?

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If you are not sure with how many players you should be playing Truth or Dare:

(Here you can find all the rules for Truth or Dare.)

  • the ideal number is between four and eight players
  • three players: become very close friends
  • a single player is impossible - unless he goes online
  • two players: ideal for couples or for a seduction
  • more than ten people: split up the group into "only truth" and "only dare"

Unless other games, there's no fixed number for players when playing Truth or Dare. In fact, a very different amount of players can be played of course personally for each group after sometime there is an ideal number which often is between four and eight but for the other case, also scenarios can be thought of.

So, for the ideal scenario of four to eight persons, that's just the right number. We have a diversity and it's not always the same persons we get to pick. Also there's a lot of combination possibilities with four to eight people. Every person has three to seven other people which whom they can exchange Truth or Dares and there's also the possibility that somehow small "alliances" may take place in the form of

"Okay, I did not ask you the bad questions so you will ask me also more nice questions" or "Here I will pay you back for the mean thing which you asked me!"

For any other number of players, playing Truth or Dare it still possible!

A group of 3 friends making funny faces
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Three friends only - but all the more goofy! 

Let's take the number of three players. With three players, the group is a little bit small to play Truth or Dare, but it's still possible.

However, I suggest that those three players are very good friends or at least that they trust each other. After the game it's undoubtedly that they will become very close friends.

A disadvantage of a small number is the lack of combinations.

So, for each person there will only be two persons which they can ask questions.

In this case, it's best that the dares include actions which involves the two other players at the same time.

Examples: dancing or singing as a group, exchanging clothes...

Also in this case it could be even enjoyable and advisable to construct situations where all three persons are in a photo.

It's not impossible to play with three people.

Still, three persons are not the ideal number. The variation comes out of the intimacy that three people will share while playing Truth or Dare.

When we go down further, of course a single player is impossible so that's an impossible number to play Truth or Dare.

...Unless the person is frantic and wants to talk to himself!

Beautiful girl with headset and laptop sitting in white bedroomSome things are only possible over the internet...

One person can play Truth or Dare online over the internet with other players. Even alone you can find friends to play with over the internet! You could even play Truth or Dare over email, via chat, over the phone with other persons, which brings us to two players.

With two players, of course there's no variation of whom to ask, it's just back and forth. But in principle, this could be conceived by a couple. A couple could play Truth or Dare, only with the two of them.

Either as a variation of a love game or to get to know each other better. Perhaps...

  • they will talk about subjects and secrets which they would have not asked if they were not playing Truth or Dare.
  • they will indulge in fun activities which will show them new experiences which are enjoyable for both of them which they did not know about before.
  • this game is played between a woman and a man who have an interest in each other but who are not going out yet - perhaps after the game this has changed. So it also can be imagined as a sort of seduction.

In the moment when the one person hesitates to kiss the other person and wants to do this playfully, one could imagine using Truth or Dare and after exchanging some questions going into some dares and to see how far it can go.

So with two people, playing Truth or Dare is really different - but still it's a great way to get to know each other way better and to overcome some social limitations which are sometimes the case when two persons are together. So it's recommended for imaginative people who are shy or lack the courage to speak up straight forward.

For groups which are bigger than nine or ten people, it is still possible and conceivable to play Truth or Dare. But with the size of this group this big, the only advantage is that one has a huge number of people to pick out. Too much of a choice can be a disadvantage: if too many people are there to choose then the high amount of choice will paralyze the active player. Also, discussions may be too intense and people will easily lose focus and just go on to do another thing until the size of the group is small enough to play Truth or Dare.

Large group of people at party
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But in this case, one would have to take care that the split off group has privacy to play the game of Truth or Dare since the rules say that it should be played without outsiders.

My recommendation is a group which is bigger than ten, but everyone wants to play Truth or Dare, is to either try out and enforce silence and discipline within the other players and watchers or variation could be to split up the group into groups of five people and the one group only is allowed to do truths and the other is allowed to do only dares.

After time, people will switch up randomly and change groups. Then, all requisites are fulfilled: the group still plays Truth or Dare but it's splitted up into the ideal size. And the variability is still given because people can exchange afterwards.

So to sum up, one can see that with a little bit of imagination, any size and any number of players are possible when playing Truth or Dare.

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