Seven Minutes in Heaven: Play It Tonight!

The game "Seven Minutes in Heaven" can be played as a stand alone game or used as a special treat or finale for Truth or Dare.

Go here to read about the basics of this game.

The game starts out with a boy and a girl going into a dark room, where they are undisturbed for seven minutes. After that time, the door is opened - typically abruptly.

This is the format many teenagers like to play this game.

A Young Anime Couple Kissing
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With a bit of creativity, you can easily change the rules to make it more fun!

Use and print out these truths and dares:


  • Did you ever kiss another boy/girl than your boyfriend/girlfriend while playing Seven minutes in Heaven?
  • With whom would you like most to "go into Heaven"?
  • Would you rather have 7 Minutes in Heaven with any boy/girl and make out or 1 Minute in Heaven with your crush, but nothing happens?
  • Would you rather not spend 7 Minutes in Heaven to avoid gossip?
  • If you did not make out in Heaven, how would you convince the other players who believed so?


  • Seven Minutes in Heaven with a person of your choice!
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven with a person of the group's choice!
  • You have to make noise "in Heaven" and the group has to listen at the door.
  • Seven Minutes in Hell: With anyone the group decides you would not like to go!
  • You have been bad! 5 Minutes in all alone in Heaven! When you come back, you can dare everyone in the group one very mean dare each.
  • 7 Minutes in Heavenly light! The group controls the lights (and can put them out or on as they please).
  • Thumb wrestle with a person of your choice. Winner gets to choose a partner to go into Heaven. Loser gets blindfolded for 7 minutes.
  • Seven Minutes in a silent Heaven! The group has to turn up the music where they are playing in order not to hear anything.
  • Drop two pieces of clothing for any one piece of clothing your partner will have to drop. Then spend Seven Minutes in Heaven!
  • Your mouth gets covered. Then go into 7 Minutes of mute Heaven!

Vary the time spend in Heaven: 5, 10, up to 30 minutes are possible.

  • Spied into Heaven! Set up a webcam but disable the sounds! The group can watch what happens, but not listen in!
  • Heavenly access: The door to Heaven must stay unlocked.
  • Random Heaven! Throw two (or any other number of) dices. The resulting number is the time you get to spend in Heaven!
  • Calm Heaven: the group has to warn both players one minute and 30 seconds before the time runs out. Then they may calmly open the door.
Kissing in the DarkMake Sure to Darken the Room!
(Photo from MM S via flickr
  • Detective in Heaven. Both must put a thick layer of red lipstick on. The group can decide on a punishment if the lipstick is removed too much from their lips after the dare.
  • Heavenly bed: spend 3 (or 7 or more) minutes in a darkened bedroom!
  • Heavenly small place: the dare takes place in a sleeping bag!
  • Blind Heaven: both get blindfolded.
  • Accident in Heaven: both arms (and if you are mean, also both legs) are tied up before the dare. You may want to keep them 10 minutes in there.
  • Heavens prisoner: the boy is bound first, then the girl is sent into Heaven.

Although it's common sense, and is true for all games, respect everyone's limits!

A true tested method is to set up a "safe word" (like "Banana"). Whoever says the safe word is immediately and safely removed from the game.

After some time, he or she may also return to the game. It is not a penalty, just a precaution that everyone has fun!

  • 7 Minutes in Hell: other player gets to spank you on the bare bottom for 3 minutes. (Remember the safe word and do it playfully!). The group gets to listen!
  • Play one round of rock-paper-scissors with whoever you want! Winner can choose any partner to spend Seven Minutes in Heaven. Loser has to remove one article of clothing (or gets spanked three times by the winner!)
  • Spend 7 Minutes in Heaven with whomever sits on your lap at this moment. If there is nobody sitting on your lap, choose a lap to sit on! (Use this dare more than once!)

Final remarks:

Send couples together into Heaven to keep you and them out of trouble. Let them “let off steam” there…!

And the last thing:

The group at all times controls the key to the door to Heaven. The pair who gets in must not be able to lock themselves in. That is the whole point of the game!

A Young Couple Kissing(Photo from saracatharine)

Want to know everything about kissing?

To read all the secrets "behind the scenes" about what sort of kisses are best and which timing you should choose...

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