Dare: Spend 7 minutes in heaven!

Kissing in the dark(Photo from linh.ngan)

To spend 7 minutes in heaven (sometimes played as a standalone kissing game) is viewed by some players as the "ultimate dare".

It consists of going away from the group with another player and retreating into a private, closed and often darkened place. A closet, a guest room or even some basement room or the garage work out fine.

There, both players (often or almost always a girl and a boy) will be left alone for seven minutes. They can basically do anything they want there. Since very often they will use this opportunity to make out, this time really must feel like seven minutes in heaven!

You already understand the rules?

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Cute girls listening to the wall

You should discuss beforehand what this dare means to everyone. If you don't, you will loose valuable time "in heaven"...

Two factors are crucial for this dare:

  1. The players must be left alone! No peeking, spying on them nor any disturbance while the seven minutes are running are allowed.

  2. The two who fulfilled the dare (and probably had the time of their life) should keep quiet about what happened in there. Everyone will guess of course, but to protect the trust needed for this kind of dare, you shouldn't spill any secrets.

Want to know everything about kissing?

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What other player have experienced

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