At your teenage parties, you don't have to leave out other young couples!

When you throw your teenage parties, and are inviting a couple who just began going out, follow these tips:

When they bring their partner to the party, they also should bring at least one female friend- or help out at the party!

Ask them beforehand: "Are you comfortable that your partner might be kissing someone else? Even if it's just a game?"

Guy kissing on the cheeks of a girlWould you be comfortable if it was your boyfriend?
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Think carefully about what being faithful means to the couple - before it is too late!

You should invite cool friends when throwing a party. But be careful with teenage couples! (Be sure to read the general tips about couples and Truth or Dare.)

When you invite one partner of the couple, them bringing their partner does not account as "cool new person" in the sense of the game-guide tips.

The couple should make sure to either bring some refreshment and snacks or another fun female friend with them to the teenage party.

They can't hang out only with each other when they have to take care of a friend, so that will make them more open.

Don't be lenient with this rule!

A guy capturing party moments with his camera(Photo from Xjs-Khaos)

If they do not want to do this, let them help out (a lot) at your party. They can help you carry stuff and clean up afterwards. If you really want to make the party a blast, ask them to take care of making photos at the party!

You can choose only to invite one person from the couple. The girl alone may be a lot of fun. Or the boyfriend shows up alone (well, not with empty hands. Remember the tip!).But you have to make triple sure that the other partner is OK with that! This is crucial for your friendship after the party is over. They should discuss what being faithful to each other means.

  • ask them both:

    "are you comfortable that your BF might be kissing another girl? Even if it's just a game?"

This way, you quickly have certitude about where they are standing. They have been warned...!

You should be honest. If one person does not want to play, they have to leave. One cannot just have a look at the others playing (read the rules!).

Discuss every aspect of Truth or Dare beforehand with the couple. Then they still can decide if it's too much for their relationship to handle. Decide beforehand how far you can go and what sort of dare they won't do. Don't let the lover birds quarrel destroy the mood of your party.

Be smart and don't forget to have fun at your teenage party!

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