There are several variants to enjoy a good dare or truth.

Some may make up a whole sort of game, but the most popular Dare or Truth variants are:

a guy has to kiss another guy instead of taking a dare
(Photo from Hunter!)

Kiss or Dare

When a player does not want to complete a dare, he has to kiss someone. The person who decided on the dare has to choose, whom.

Lie or Play it Safe?

man colored eyes(Photo courtesy of NeoGaboX)

Is a popular game which is basically the inverse of Truth or Dare. One has to ask the opposite purposefully. The rule of Lie is that the person asked must respond dishonestly to the question.

  • Typically, the questions can be answered with “yes” or “no”.
  • Example: Is it true that you have never peaked in the girl’s locker room?

Play it Safe means that the player humorously agrees to follow a overly careful and exaggeratedly obvious precaution which is given to him.

  • Example: When walking down the stairs, pause, sit down and wipe the sweat from your front and the dirt from your shoes on each single stair

Drink or Dare

Blonde women doing cheers with shots

Instead of stripping, you need to take a sip or glass. More often then not, this will be a fairly strong alcoholic drink. If drinking is not an option, some groups prepare a nauseating drink by randomly mixing ingredients which absolutely don’t mix well and use that as “punishment drink”.

Truth-Dare-Double Dare Promise (Repeat)

Sometimes expanded by Triple Dare, here you have the additional choice to choose a really outrageous dare. Be careful to use it, because one is not allowed to back out of a double or triple dare!

Promise or “Repeat”. Here you have the additional option of asking another person to promise you something you may choose. He needs to fulfill this promise to the discussed date and every player is a witness! Often, these promises need to be done in public!

But remember that “revenge is a dish best served cold”. The other player may pay back when it’s his turn!

Strip or Dare

three young guys looking up to strippers leg stocking

If you don’t complete a dare, you will need to remove a piece of clothing. Here, you will soon need to decide what to choose! In general, the dare or truth gets naughtier and harder the farther the game proceeds.

This variant is probably the popular because

  • It does not need any preparation except having male and female players
  • It is interesting for all age groups

Here's a good example for a stripping dare, for when you just won't quit:

Dare: Remove a piece of clothing from everyone playing. you may not use your hands. If you can't get something off, you take something off instead. 

Share your own Truth or Dare variants! 

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