Truth or Dare ideas and party games for you and your friends

Angel girl and devil man on a seesaw

Truth or Dare is one of the oldest and most addicting games.

Ask your friends about the most memorable party they’ve been to, and it will surely involve those funniest dares or those most embarrassing revealed secrets!

Here you will find hundreds most hilarious, never-been-tried dares to play all evening!

Get the Party Started!

  • Never be bored again with a stale fete!
  • Become the most entertaining party expert your friends have ever seen!

Truth or Dare is

  1. different each time you play

  2. suited for all sort of different people

  3. popular no matter what age

Best of all:

Everyone knows the game of Truth or Dare from his childhood!

What if your friends are not ready for some dares yet? 

Often, you'll find that you need to warm up the party crowd a bit.

Enjoy a few ice breaker games!

Get ready for what can become the most epic evening of your life!

Two hot girls one blonde angel and one brunette devil with man - choosing between Truth or Dare

Ready for some embarrassing truths and dares?

Choose Truth and

  • Drag the darkest secrets from your friends out in the open!
  • Finally find out exactly who the crush of your BFF is...

    ...while looking innocent!

Or come over to the dark side and choose Dare and

  • Make a fool out of whoever you want!
  • Create the wackiest party memories you will ever make!
  • ...while having the perfect excuse to party as hard as you can!
Crazy party group doing karaoke twister moves

Why "Dare Up Your Party"?

The whole idea of this website is to teach you how to "dare up" a party that is

  • normal
  • OK
  • nothing special...

How? Just do some awesome dares and make that party

  • legendary
  • unforgettable
  • and a huge success!

You'll find all sorts of party games here!

No matter if you are planning

  • a relaxing night with your male friends,
  • a pyjama-sleepover night for girls,
  • a teenage birthday party
  • or an adult’s get-together with more racy activities:

Here you can find all you need. You can forget about having to think up great party game ideas - they are all here for you.

To make this as easy as possible, you will find tons of useful information, ready to be printed out or even brought directly to your party.

Share and read fun party stories

Get inspired of how others turned around their parties with a refreshing game of Truth or Dare!

We have popular sections with great stories for you to read, rate and comment on.

This is the time for you to shine! Get involved and share your funniest moment with thousands of readers!

Table of Contents

Site Blog with New Stories and Party Games

Turth or Dare Blog

This site is all about Truth or Dare, but also about other party games that lead up to this point. Thanks to your stories, game ideas and guest posts, it is growing faster and faster! 

Stay up to date with the latest entry of our site on the Truth or Dare blog!

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Start an Awesome Dare party! 

Beautiful girl spanking a guy

The How to, Step by Step

The art of the ultimate game night – learn it right from experience and follow our advice, step by step.

You’ll have yourself an epic dare party going in no time! It’ll be awesome. You’ll never forget that one!

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Embarrassing Truth or Dare stories!

Two girls fighting and pulling each other's hair

Read over 200 real hilarious and embarrassing Truth or Dare stories!

If you ever have played the game Truth or Dare, you must love or hate these stories!

The number of stories is growing rapidly – we have one of the biggest collections of dare stories worldwide!

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Watch Lots of Fun Dare Videos!

Truth or dare video slideshow

We also have a collection of dare videos :)

The closest thing to playing the game is to watch others do hilarious dares on video!

Have your own video?

You can share it with the world of daring fans right here.

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Dare Pictures - looking for Hot Pictures with Dare Ideas?

Two girls drinking with a baby feeder

We have illustrated quite a few dares with cool, funny or hot pics!

See the dares in action, share you own photo of a dare and comment on each other’s!

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Questions about "the Game"? Get the Answer from an Expert!

Girl thinking something with question marks at her back ground

Your questions about Truth or Dare will be answered here! Don’t worry about asking hard questions – I've seen it all. 

If you have doubts about the game, need encouragement for doing or not doing a dare – this is the right place for advice.

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Truth Questions and Good Dares! 

list of 195 Dares Ebook coverpage

Here is What Everyone Wants!

No more hard times with coming up with good dare ideas!

Browse through lists of dares and truth questions! 

They are freely accessible and can be printed out to play Truth or Dare right away!

Get started playing now!

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Adult Truth Questions and Sexy Dare Challenges

Sexy girls posing in a fashion show

Get a list of adult Truth questions - they will be embarrassing to answer and reveal sexy and juicy little secrets from all your friends.

Spice up your adult party tonight! 

And if you want hot dares and are courageous and daring enough, be sure to check out our sexy dare challenges!

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Your Double Dare Challenges!

Girl having a piggyback ride

Do you have what it takes?

Play Truth or Dare online and do the double dare challenges! We share our 7-part email dare challenges here.

So if you feel courageous, step up, sign up and get started!

  • Take the wedgie challenge and find out how much your butt crack can handle!
  • Compete for becoming the most gutsy Dare Master!

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Get our Newsletter Plus a Free Collection of Dare Pics!

Free truth or dare ideas ebook

Get our newsletter and a free collection of Dare pictures.

Join our friend’s list via email and grab yourself a free list of a 123 Dare ideas, each one completely illustrated with a great picture.

Stay in touch with us for updates, news and other stuff all around party games.

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Ice Breaker Games Will Get the Party Started!

Burning ice

Before you play Truth or Dare with strangers, you first need to break the ice. 

Do you know those parties that start out really boring? Don’t you hate it if no one ever takes the first step at knowing the next one? 

No more awkward moments anymore – Learn how to entertain anyone at a party with great icebreaker games. 

You’ll make tens of new friends in no time and you’ll get everyone warm up for even funnier party times. 

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Play Spin the Bottle!

Young group of girls and guys playing spin the bottle

Spin the bottle – the classical game for getting a kiss. If you’re already too close to each other and have warmed up and broken the ice, it’s time to get a little bit more physical.

Play Spin the bottle to get close to each other. If you’re old enough you can remove clothes if you are chosen - or you just play for kisses.

Anyways it’s a classical kissing game that everyone should have played at least once when they are young.  

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Other Free Party Game Ideas for All Situations

Three girls cheering and having fun at a party

Do you want a change of pace?

Do you want to play something else for a change?

Then try out our free party game ideas.

We have collected the most popular party games for all ages and all sort of situations. 

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Get Splashin’ - Swimming Pool Games

Playing swimming pool volley ball

If its summer and you are at a beach, or a pool, there is nothing more fun than playing in the water. 

Check out our collection of swimming pool games from Marco Polo to Shark and get not only your feet wet. 

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Looking for Christian Games for All Situations that are Actually Fun?

Santa Claus

There are times when playing the Dare-game is not the best idea.

For example at a church party or with a youth group. At least as long as the parents aren't looking.

If you want some really harmless games that you can play with your youth group or at your Christmas party, check out our collection of Christian games.

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College Drinking Games - Having the Time of Your Life Getting Drunk!

A group of young girls and guys having drinks

Play college drinking games to get really, really drunk and make the party go crazy!

Want to have the time of your life at a party?

Want to loosen things up before you do the first dare?

Then be sure to play a few of our true and tested drinking dare ideas to lift up the mood.

Make sure you have enough beer to have your thirsty guest and party away. 

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The best Drinking Card Games

Three sexy girls playing strip poker

Drinking with cards – just another way to get your booze up. Drinking card games are highly popular in US colleges and at any party! 

Combine different games and a good refreshing drink or three. 

Mix up drinking and playing cards and playfully get the party started. Playing cards was never so delicious. 

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Drinking Stories

Beautiful girls drinking alcohol at a party

Read and share your best drinking stories – Everyone has those crazy moments when you are so drunk that you don’t know what you’re doing. We want to read them all.

  • Check out hilarious drunk moments from others. 
  • Rate each other and tell us who has the best drunk story from all. 
  • If you like drinking, you’ll love our drinking stories. 

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About Me and Why I Built This Website

I made crazy experiences in college, playing the dare game. There was a lot of embarrassment, quite a few hot moments and a few crazy memories I made that I don’t want you to miss out on.

Check out this section if you want to read about the creator of this website Dare Up Your Party. 

I want you to throw an unforgettable “Awesome Evening” today! Start the fun and throw and Truth or Dare Party.

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Site Map

Confused where to go

This website has grown pretty huge with all the stories you and other visitors have sent to us.

It’s easy to get lost in all this party content. 

If you need to get an overview about what this site has to offer, be sure to check out our sitemap. 

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Contact Page - Write to Me

Contact us cloud bubble

There is a real human and a team of fans right behind the website of 

You can reach out to me any time. 

Let me know your questions, feedback and anything else you want to share with me. And if you’re just excited and say “Thank You!”, I really like to read that too :)

Send me any party Dare ideas you have!

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How to Get Girls to do Embarrassing Dares with You

How to get girls Ebook coverpage

I’m a guy and if you are a guy too then you are in for a treat.

I have put every experience and secret behind setting up a Truth or Dare game with girls and boys so that it gets really exciting and hot. 

If you want to learn how to get girls to play this embarrassing game with you, then be sure to check out this section of the site. 

If you are looking for a chance to get a kiss, a girlfriend or more, you can learn all that here. 

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Become a Member of our Site

Girl pointing her finger towards her left

Have you devoured all our party games? Do you just love the Dare game ideas? Can’t you get enough of us?

We’d love to have you as a member on our site. 

Learn more about getting involved into the site, being part of the team of people who love to find and talk about newer and newer party games, dare stories or party videos. 

If you are fun, we want you on our team.

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Discover many other entertaining party games!

Just pick a subject from the list below and get ready to have some fun.


Did you like what you just read? Then I dare you to leave a comment :) 
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List of 195 Dares

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