Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is a classic party game that can be a very fun way to break the ice.

A mixed group of young girls and guys playing spin the bottle game

It is only as naughty as the players want it to be, and a good rule of thumb is to stay at the comfort level of the most conservative player.

This game should be fun, not awkward.

  • If you are younger or not an experienced kisser, you want to check out some tips on kissing.

Picture yourself at a party. At this party is a gaggle of hotties and you would certainly like to get to know them better. If you're over 21, you'll have fun with drinking games. The vibe is good for you to make a move.

The dance floor is too crowded and noisy to be effective. You don't have the time to talk to each one of them individually before word would start to spread. There is, however, a great way to lower defenses and get some action: a game of Spin the Bottle.

How to play

Sitting in Circle while playing Spin the Bottle(Photo from juliejordanscott)

Players sit in a circle and place a bottle in the center. Make sure the bottle is empty and dry, or you'll be spinning to figure out who gets to clean up the mess. One player spins the bottle to start. The thin end of the bottle is the pointer. Whichever player the bottle ends up pointing to spins next, and so on. What happens when the spinner points to someone is up to the players. It's best to decide this before the game begins.

Spin the Bottle isn't so much a game unto itself as it is a catalyst for more interesting activities, just like Truth or Dare games are. The classic way to play is to kiss the person to which the bottle points.

However, you can substitute any number of activities and use the bottle as the great equalizer to keep things fair. The only correct way to play is to have fun with it. Try pairing it with Truth or Dare or other kissing games such as Seven Minutes in Heaven.

There is no actual winner or loser to this game, although players may individually consider themselves winners or losers as the game goes on. Instead, the players keep spinning until they've generally had enough. Hopefully that isn't signaled by a temper tantrum and one player storming out of the room.

Couples Intimate Kissing(Photo from kainr)

As long as you don't force players to do something they absolutely don't want to do, Spin the Bottle can be a very fun and exciting game. The random selection by the bottle adds a bit of anticipatory excitement.

It also keeps players from picking on one particular player, or from playing favorites. It's this randomness that serves to break down boundaries and inhibitions and allows people to just have a good time.

Requiring only a bottle and daring to play, Spin the Bottle can be played just about anywhere by anyone. Next time you're at a party don't be afraid to whip it out to add some excitement if things get dull. Just be sure to have a bit of protection. Yes, gentlemen, that means lip balm. All that kissing can lead to some seriously chapped lips.

Girls Kissing on the couch(Photo from gophodotcom)

Want to know everything about kissing?

To read all the secrets "behind the scenes" about what sort of kisses are best and which timing you should choose... coming soon!

What's your favorite kissing game, story or video?

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