Need entertaining Christian games?

During leisure activities with friends in a youth group, I got to know many entertaining Christian games for teens.

I know what you are thinking right now.

"That sounds pretty boring?"

Not at all.

If it's interesting or not really depends on your friends! At church parties, while playing Christian party games which are spiritual in nature, often afterwards we would relax, get something to drink and play other party games afterwards.

Sometimes, you just want to prepare some Christian youth games for

  • a workshop
  • a weekend you spent with your youth group
  • or perhaps your confirmation classes.

This is why I gathered all these religious games in this one place. Next time you need to prepare something - just grab yourself some free religious games to play on the next occasion. You could start with our collection of Christian Bible games for youth groups.

If you are anything like me and my friends, at the beginning, you need to get everyone loosened up a little bit. Nobody has fun with any games if everyone is stiff as a board.


So first we break the ice. All Christian icebreaker games are an excellent resource for that. Even if you are not part of a youth group, there is one event every year where it is really probable that you or your friends will want to go to church and that's Christmas.

Many of my so-called Christian friends in today's age only go to church once a year - at Christmas. Often parents will take the kids along and in case the kids are really young, there may be a special service for the young crowd to keep them entertained. At Christmas often the Christmas story will be played and integrated in some Christian Christmas games for children.

It's a playful way to get the children entertained while getting a spiritual message across. Since little kids can be entertained easily when you do it right and can be a real pain if you let them run around and break things, it is best to prepare yourself before you get overrun by a bunch of little kids. Here are more Christian children games for family reunions or a nice Sunday afternoon.

You can also use old classic games for kids like "Musical Chairs" to bring across a deeper message for children in an action-filled game! Need more? If all that is not enough to keep young children happy and entertained, we have even more Christian kids games ready for you.

Christian Games for Marriages

bride on her wedding party
Photo from bm.iphone

I don't know about you, but many of my friends have tried to get married around the 11th of November 2011. I felt that we had marriage invitations all over the place. An old custom for the bride is to play bridal shower games. We have some ideas about these games for you ready as well.

Virtual Christian Games

Are you alone and want to spend your free time in a meaningful way? Why not take a break from all these classical shooter games and try out some fun Christian video games instead? Or you if you don’t want to buy or install any special game program, you can also browse our overview of Christian games online to play.

All Parts of the Same Body
Am I Famous?
Amazing Verse
Armor Of God
Battle of Knowledge
Bible Adventures
Bible Jeopardy
Bible Tag
Bible Trivia
Bible Vocab
Bible Word Games for Kids
Bible Words
Big Light Games
Board Games
Card Games
Christmas Charades
Christmas Trivia
Cross Daily
David and Goliath
Desert Venture
Guess It, Sing
Noah's Ark Match -Up
Pass the Parcel
Pin the Bouquet
School Days
Second Chance Musical Chairs
Spin the Bible
Ten Commandments
The Aardvark Relay
The Bible Sweethearts
The Draw It
The Rebel Planet Series
Traditional Games
Truth Seeker
What's My Line
Who Am I?
Word Roll




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