Truth or Dare Pics Gallery - Your Photo Dares!

A gallery of Truth or Dare pics gives you fresh ideas for new dares and hot photos to look at!

Hot party girls showing off their stuff

Try licking out the ear of the person next to you. Be as creepy as possible. Your victim is allowed to fight back.

Many girls trying to to fit on a small couch

Perfect for truth or dare pics from sleepover pajama parties!

Time for a big pile of people! Everyone try to fit on the bed/sofa!

Girls doing funny dance while jumping in the air

Creative Photo dares!

Make a crazy Truth or Dare pic of you fooling around and dare someone to post it online: 

Swing around your camera on it's string (don't lose it!!) while it films.

Jump around and try to make a funny-faces contest in mid-air!

Girls making weird faces

Girls - don't fall for the simple trick dares of guys who want to see your cleavage. The oldest "tricks" are to dare you to... 

  • Try to put your elbows together behind your back 
  • Or try to kiss both of your elbows at the same time
Girl sitting on the lap of a guy

Spend the next 5 rounds on the lap of someone of your choice! (Cuddling is allowed).

Special Dare Rule: you have to do all dares together with whomever you sit on! If he has to stand up to do the dare, you try to stay as close as possible to him all the time! (Disturbing him during the dares is allowed!)

Sexy girls at a sleepover party

Group sleepover dare for girls!

choose your side! Each girl must dress up as a bad girl or a good girl. The guys decide if the outfit is convincing enough!

Group dare for guys: become the macho guy or the soft romantic guy!

Girl Doing sexy pole dance moves

Pole dancing dare!

Get those sexy moves going! If you don't have a pole and can't find a broom, a guy plays the role of the pole for the girls. Whoever stops pole dancing first must strip down for every player who is still pole dancing! 

It's a sexy stamina race with your nudity at stake!

Girls dancing at a party

Karaoke dare!

get up and sing to a song with full choreography for bonus points! The group gets to rate your singing and dancing.


Recording your performance is highly encouraged.

Girls drinking from a baby milk feeder

More sleepover dares!

Breastfeed someone.


You can also fill a bottle with different drinks (surprise mixture drinks or alcoholic drinks if you are old enough) and "feed your baby".

Girl showing her feet

Foot dare!

everyone removes their shoes and socks. You smell everyone's feet and rate them from best to worst.

The winner gets a foot massage.

The loser gets tickled at his feet for one full minute!

Girls drinking alcohol

Group dare!

everyone does a shot of his favourite drink! Whoever finishes last removes a piece of clothing!

Guys in funny costumes

Dress up as a stuffed toy. The group votes if you are cute or not. If you are deemed as totally cute, you get a big group cuddling from everybody!

Girl showing her open mouth

Open wide: everyone has one chance to throw some snacks or sweets into your mouth!

You are only allowed to chew and eat all (even if it's mixed stuff) after everyone has thrown once.

Girl kissing on the cheek of other girl

Simply kiss the person next to you.

Continue to "give the kiss around" until it has gone full circle.

Combine it with a round of suck and blow.

Girls drinking beer shots

Drink and Dare!

If you don't want to strip, you have to drink


Chicken? At least you get some booze!

Man in diapers acting like a baby

Crossdressing Dare!

Dress up as a baby and get bottle-fed with milk.

For Girls: If you want to make it sexy, you can also have a girl "breastfeed" some lucky dude!

Girl sitting on the lap of another girl

Continue the next ten rounds on the lap of someone from the same sex. Try as much as possible to stay on the lap of your partner when he or you perform your respective dares!


Have fun with the chaotic piling!

Wearing Halloween party costumes

Halloween dares

dare people who are easy to frighten to... 

Play some scary games

Consent on getting surprised like on Halloween within the day - without warning!

Girls piling on top of each other

Big pile of people dares!

Group dare: all jump on the victim decided beforehand - if he can take it!


Sitting on someone as a dare.

Girls doing funny dance moves

Dancing dares!

Use a newspaper and dancing for Truth or Dare


Musical chairs, with dares for the losers that don't get chairs!

Girls making sexy poses

Reverse-strip dares!

If your girls don't want to strip down completely


Have them wear a white shirt and have fun doing a wet T-shirt contest!

Girls having fun in the swimming pool

Pool dares!

Jump into the pool or hot tub with your clothes on


Breathing holding contents under water (no tickling...!)

What is even better than great Truth or Dare pics? A Truth or Dare Video!

For even more Truth or Dare pics, grab yourself the 123 picture set that comes as a thank you for subscribing to the free Truth or Dare Newsletter!

Need even more hot Truth or Dare pictures?

Each and everyone one of them showing hot girls?

Taking Truth or Dare Pics at a Party – How to do it:

Want to keep the memories of those embarrassing dares forever – but every time you whip out your camera, your friends chicken out?

I know this too well. Don’t worry, you’ll get those embarrassing photos. Here are some ideas how to do it:

The easiest way:

Make the Truth or Dare pics without anyone noticing!

Some Truth or Dare applications have a photo function implemented. You can easily take shots with your mobile phone without leaving the app.

  • Advantage: this works and you get many photos.
  • Disadvantage: You better tell your friends that you did those photos or else you’ll lose their trust.

Most often, the shots will be so funny that you’ll only delete the most problematic pics (where you are half naked or those that are too compromising).

Make it a contest:

Who has the dare with the funniest Truth or Dare pic?

Make it the goal of the dare night to come up with the best photo at the end of the night.

  • Advantage: everyone knows about it beforehand.
  • Disadvantage: the party people will probably have a harder time letting go of some “inhibitions”.

In most cases, you shouldn’t expect to be able to get very "juicy" pics. But there are always surprising exceptions...

Especially if you combine Truth or Dare with drinking games.

Use the photos as a penalty:

If people don’t do one dare or lie during truth, you get to shoot an embarrassing truth or dare picture of them doing something really silly.

Make sure this rule is established before playing.

  • Advantage: you get to shoot embarrassing photos.
  • More advantages: People do more dares, even more extreme dares, out of fear of being photographed.

Make a photo album or picture collection:

Keep the best shots in a photo album. It’ll be like a guest book, diary and memory collection at the same time.

Your funniest moments, collected into one place.

Of course, only your closest friends get to see it! Like a diary, make sure it stays as safe as possible.

And for those brilliant photos that are too good to keep them to yourselves...

Send us Your Truth or Dare Pics!

Here is how I would like this gallery to grow.

  • The next time you play Truth or Dare, have a camera ready.
  • When someone does a stupid dare or makes a weird face because of an awkward Truth question, capture the moment and share it below in our gallery!
  • Tell us the story to your photo, and your post will become it's own webpage!
  • Or you just want to take a picture of the mess after the party!

Either way, your Truth or Dare pics would be awesome to showcase here on, where the visitors are friends and fans of the best party game of all times!

Share Your Dare Pics Here!

Did you catch a hilarious dare on photo? Show us your party crowd working those dares!

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