Drinking card games

Girls playing card games
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Drinking card games are highly popular in US colleges and at any party! Combine different games and a good refreshing drink or three.

Pick any of the following games to get the party started!

Beer poker-shot ante

One of my favorite drinking card games is called Beer poker-shot ante. It is easy: you just need

  • alcohol
  • and cards.

The dealer deals and everyone antes a shot glass. The betting rounds and rules are the same as Texas Holdem - only instead of betting chips or money, you bet shots.

After the hand is over, the winning hand doesn't drink any. Whoever folded or lost in a showdown has to drink the amount of shots they put in.

You best play it with 4-9 players: if you have only 2 or 3 players, the game might only last 20 minutes till someone passes out!

Texas Holdem Rules

Don't know how to play Texas Holdem? Learn from this video:

Beer poker-shot ante works exactly the same. Only difference: you will bet shots instead of chips.


Make sure to stay safe, and try not to pass out, and definitely DON'T drive home after one of these games.

Black and Red

Another fun and simple drinking card game is Black and Red.

You need:

  • a deck of cards
  • and at least 4 people

You play Black and Red by choosing one player to start. He must guess if the next card in the deck is a red card (heart or diamond), or a black card (Club or Spade).

  • If he is right, he picks someone else at the table to drink a shot. It is still his turn! Until he is...
  • Wrong: He has to drink, and the next player has to guess the next pick.

The game goes on until everyone is done with the stack of cards, there is no time limit.

Why drinking games are so popular

  • Drinking card games can be played at any age (just don't drink alcohol when you are not old enough!)

     ▪  If you are underage or need to drive, stick with:

           »  Water (see them run to the toilet all the time!)
           »  Pop (burping contests, anyone...?)

           »  Juice (vegetable juice, very sour or sweet juice
               - get creative!)

  • Everyone likes party hard and enjoy themselves. Especially in college! They drink until they can't or shouldn't anymore.

    "Gimme MORE drinking card games!"

How about Ace of Spades

It's one of the most traditional games.

Ace of Spades
(Photo from pro_cyp)
  • A volunteer goes first and shuffles a deck of cards around on a table. They say "ace of spades" before picking up a card.
  • If the card is not an ace of spades they have drink. They keep taking drinks until they finally get the ace of spades.
  • Then it is the next person's turn to shuffle all the cards and start again!

Drinking Poker

Some Beer Bottles with a Deck of Cards
(Photo from zanaca)

A classic: combine the suspense of Poker with the party atmosphere of drinking games! Just play poker: instead of betting on money you can bet

  • on drinks
  • or removal of clothes (Strip-Poker)

If you play with a pot, you can have everyone pour drinks in a big mug instead of betting chips. The losers has to down all. Careful with mixing different drinks!

Or maybe not, if you want to really punish the loser!


The last game in this series is called "Bullshit".

You deal out the entire deck to the players. They take turns placing down a certain number of cards face down with decreasing card.

A Playing Cards Combination of Two Aces and a Joker
(Photo from Will Merydith)

If you start with Aces and someone claims to have 3 aces they can put that many cards down.

  • Anyone who thinks you lie can say "Bullshit!"
  • If you are lying you must drink as many times as there are cards laid down.
  • If you tell the truth, the person who said "Bullshit!" must drink the same amount themselves.

Some vary the rules and double the amount of drinks for the liar.

The amount each person has to drink varies depending on how many people are playing and how much alcohol you can handle.

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