Dares with Wedgies

By Charliecharlie (Own work) [Public domain]
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Before I even go into this prank dare, I want to make a disclaimer:

Doing wedgies can hurt people.

This information is meant to be fun - any actions you do after reading this stuff happens at your own responsability!

OK, now that the serious stuff is taken care of... It’s time for some underwear to be locked between some willing butt cheeks!

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How guys give them

A short struggle, ripped undies and some painful underwear action is best illustrated by a dare video:

How guys are supposed to do it:

  • Use your full strength - if possible until the other person is lifted up from the ground.
  • If you can, rip underwear to shreds in the process.
  • For the person on the receiving end: Don’t forget to protect your family jewels!

Bottom Line:

For guys, a wedgie is for initiations or general pranking of each other.

Always keep in mind that frontal wedgies (pulling up one’s undies from the front) can hurt the guy a lot where it really matters...!

Girly Wedgies

Watch this funny video with a girl “attacking” another girl:

How To for Girls:

Sneak up to unsuspecting victim. Profit of the element of surprise. Win the fight!

Play wrestle a little. It’s less play if the victim does not actually know what situation she actually is in.

Don’t attempt to do it on a guy, unless you want to risk getting an atomic wedgie in return!

Bottom Line:

Wedgies are not only for guys! But when we are talking about the ladies, leave it to them to give each other wedgies. Stay back and watch the show if you are a guy.

Unless you got explicit permission. Then go for it!

Play a Game: Wedgie Toss!

Have some fun pass some time playing Wedgie Toss!

The rules:

  • Give the poor guy a good and hard wedgie
  • Choose the angle and strength
  • Watch him fly, bounce off the ground and crash on his landing
  • Don’t forget to have him flap his arms to get as far as possible!
  • Try to reach as far as you can!
  • When you bounce off cars, you fly farther. Try not to crash into windows.

Click here to play the game (link opens in a new window):

Wedgie Toss , funny underpants launching flash game

What’s Your Highscore?

My high score is 494 - can you beat me?

Leave me a comment at the bottom of the page with you highscore!

Take the Poll!

For all of you that are already hardcore wedgie fans, I have made a poll for you!

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The Wedgie Song

When the beauty of this prank cannot be put in words, how about a song?

”What comes from behind

A surprise every time

And fills the giver with joy

A crack attack

That will floss butt plaque

Everyone loves a wedgie

It gives you a lift

Your undies will rip

It’ll Indian burn your corn hole

When you pull your briefs down

They’re covered with brown

Everyone loves a wedgie

A wedgie, A wedgie

It brings such a wonderful joy

A wedgie, A wedgie

It’s fit for a girl or a boy

A wedgie, A wedgie

It brings such a wonderful joy

A wedgie, A wedgie

It’s fit for a girls or a boy”

How Hard Do You Really Wedgie?

Share your Wedgie Story and Pics

Share your best story and pictures here!

As a thank you, I’ll show you an additional

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  • and a Story

...all about briefs und panties stuck in buttcracks!

As a Bonus: a list of Wedgie Techniques.

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So, how was your wedgie? Tell us your story!

Hey, wedgie lover! :)

Here is the place where you can tell us about your wedgie. How hard was it? Do you do (or get) wedgies often or did it come as a surprize?

Feel free to tell us the details, were all here to have fun. Perhaps your story inspires someone else tomorrow to get started with this prank or dare. That's if they like to get or give them more.

Were you caught? If yes, did it get you in trouble? And if not, what do you do to not get caught?

Oh, and if you'd like, you can also post photos with your story. Don’t post anything too graphic though, and only content that you own and have the rights to post. Else anything is fair game!

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