Learn the Truth or Dare rules!

The Truth or Dare rules are very simple to explain to anyone. (If you are pressed for time, you can always just go ahead and watch a short 90 seconds Truth or Dare video explaining the rules.)

Ideally everyone has heard about the game Truth or Dare once or twice in their youth - and had at least played it or heard about someone else playing it.

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If someone would ask about more detailed Truth or Dare rules...

Here is the description in a nutshell:

  • One (active) player at a time has a turn to ask another player the question "Truth or Dare?"
  • The person asked (the "victim") is then forced to choose between one of the options. To not choose it is not an option. Choosing both is not allowed. Changing his mind is also not permitted by the Truth or Dare rules.
  • If he chooses Truth, then he will have to truthfully answer a (quite possibly embarrassing) question which the active player has to come up with. The "victim" may not lie or has to be penalized and he must answer before the whole group.
  • If the "victim" answers dare, then he has to fulfill an action which will be imposed by the active player who has asked first the Truth or Dare. It will very probably be very embarrassing...! (You will find many, many examples here.)
  • The group decides if the answer or action were given or performed correctly. They may tease the "victim" to draw out the dare a little longer or to reveal more details about his answer. Generally, the group decides everything.
  • After that, the first players turn is over. The "victim" now becomes the new player! And can choose anyone (the first player too, of course. "Time for payback!") to be his new "victim".
  • The game goes on until the group decides it no longer wants to play.
Truth or Dare tip!

A good time to think about your next turn as an active player is when you are a spectator and not involved in a dare.

Let's explain it so far with an example.

We have four players: Bob, Angela, Julie and Christian.

Its Bob’s turn and Bob ask Angela: “Truth or Dare?” Angela is a cautious person and knows that Bob has silly ideas ready all the time – that’s why she will go ahead and say “Truth”. Bob will quickly have to think about a question, or perhaps have prepared it before hand: “Okay Angela, who is your crush?”

And Angela would have wished that she chosen dare! She knows she will have to reveal who her crush to everyone. And unfortunately it’s Christian who is part of this very game.

Since she is very shy and doesn’t want to say it - everyone will be encouraging her to spill it… Because it’s how the game works, and you just have to do it. She knows:

If you don’t do it, then its game over and there is no fun anymore. That’s perhaps one of the most important Truth or Dare rules.

And so because it’s a game, Angela confesses that her crush is Christian. Christian is surprised or amused or happy and Bob is probably laughing, and the other girl, Julie would perhaps console her. Angela would be very confused, shy and embarrassed.

The next player is up!

So then it’s the end of Bobs turn. It’s Angela’s turn now – since she has been the “victim” and all the question about of who her crush is now is over.

She can ask anyone in the group - even Bob – “Truth or Dare?”

She might then just choose Christian.

And Christian - who knows now that he is the crush from Angela - chooses “Truth”. And then Angela masters all the courage and says “Would you like to go out with me?”

Watch Video explaining Truth or Dare Rules

Too much to read? Watch a 90 seconds video to learn the game rules!

(Photo from bark)

Big suspense in our party group…

Christian says yes and everyone is celebrating! But the game goes on.

So now the other girl in the group, Julie, wants to “revenge” Angela, and asks Bob “Truth or Dare?”

Bob is the kind of courageous brat who always has a mischievous mind and says “Dare!” His face is all “Yeah, dare me, say anything! I’m not afraid.”

So Julie unexpectedly says: “Take off your pants and run over the street in your underwear! Go fetch a can of juice from the machine and come back!”

Two girls pointing and laughing


Bob is really surprised but he has to do it. He knows that it’s payback. It’s not personal, it’s not meant to hurt him - but it sure does feel like revenge for forcing Angela to tell who her crush was. After the dare, everyone will cheer and perhaps someone might even shoot a photo! But in exchange, everyone will respect Bob’s guts to fulfill the dare.

And so it goes on and on.

The more you play it, the more you can see where the limits are. Later on, Bob will dare Angela back to also do the same thing. One may repeat a dare whenever one wants (“you also go and fetch a can of juice without you pants”) - but everyone else will protest. Christian who now is going out with Angela will say “no, my girlfriend doesn't do that!” and the girls will say “no the girls will not run around without any pants. You can’t just choose dare!”

It’s a democratic decision that Angela should not be forced to do this dare. Bob will then have to choose something else.

Perhaps he will say “Angela, give Christian a kiss” or dare them to spend Seven Minutes in Heaven. He knows that they were both okay with that and Angela will probably want it but may be shy to initiate the kiss. So here, Bob gives Angela a golden opportunity to do something which she wants to do without her having to feel bad about it!

Generally, many dares feel like “this doesn't count. It’s just part of the game”. And it is the most important Truth or Dare rule to have as much fun as possible without hurting anyone.

But let’s leave those four to continue playing on their own…

Ideally, with these simple Truth or Dare rules, one can have a great experience. The game is easy to play, there will be no arguments and everyone has the time of their life!

You can find variations to the Truth or Dare rules in the section Dare or Truth. And you can read here what Truth or Dare rules you have to apply when someone decides he does not want to do his dare. Depending on which people you play with and which location you can use, you may want to check out the truth or dare house rules

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