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If you need some good dares to do for the camera, check out this video right here...

The best memories from parties are stories and photos. But if you watch a video, you live the party again! And some of the funniest expressions, sounds and laughter can only be recorded on video.

Nobody will believe that anyone could do this crazy dare? Show them the video!

You wouldn't want to miss out the chance of capturing the moment someone does a naked dare, or confesses the ultimate humiliating secret - don't you...?

There is a whole community of Truth or Dare fans out there, commenting and discussing each other's Truth or Dare videos. You can be part of it!

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After browsing through this website, you may have played a game or had a challenge of Truth or Dare with your friends. Here this girl was dared to

Brush her teeth with shampoo (!!)

Girl dared to brush her teeth with shampoo

and someone was smart - and mean - enough to record a video:

This dare is one of my personal favorites. It is a safe and extreme dare at the same time!

You could do this as a group dare, and have a contest of who can do it longer. Of course, have an even meaner punishment dare ready for the loser...!

Have him drink a surprise cocktail or remove some clothes... get creative - and don't forget to shoot a video!

Overview of all the videos

man looking at his wrist watch

Watch an entertaining 90 seconds Truth or Dare Video explaining the rules!

Show this to your friends before the party starts. There still seem to exist some people who have never heard before of Truth or Dare or may never have played it. Time for them to get their feet wet! (Could also be a dare!)

couple kissing video

Watch how easy it is to be kissed in a game of Truth or Dare!

The key to getting others to do naughtier dares like kissing are confidence and entertaining the other players.

Guy and girl kissing dare video

Watch how hard it can be for some to do the kissing when dared to do it!

Read on there what alternative punishing dares the group may have given him for not doing his dare...

Girl putting her head in toilet dare video

Watch a young girl putting her head into a toilet in a game of Truth or Dare!

You see how easily those dares can get really mean!

Whipped cream dare video

Watch two teenage girls burying their faces in whipped cream during a double dare!

Silly, funny, messy - but yummy!

Here is the place to gather the best funny videos found on the net about Truth or Dare. But the best of all are your videos, submitted for all the world to see and enjoy!

You can find what others have submitted here and you can submit your own today!

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Check out a friendly competition of an epic Raspberry War. You know this is a game where you blow on each other’s tummies and make creative, funny …

Eating or Drinking without Hands Dare Recorded on Video Not rated yet
Here is a cute little video featuring a dad playing Truth or Dare with his son and recording the dare on video. The kid was dared to eat his dinner

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