How to Get Hot Girls

Part 8 – Tactics to get girls to a guys-only party

Tired of sausage parties? Time to get the girls! Learn the best flirting mindset to charm the ladies to your dare party!

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Imagine a situation most guys in school know very well: you have guy friends but no women friends, and you do not have the balls to ask e.g. Amanda, the cheerleader/hot girl out. 

  • What tactics would you choose to use if you would only have guys at the party? 
  • How would you get girls to the party? 


Just as I said a few minutes ago, I would take a friend of mine whom I like to have with to my party. Right when a girl is able to hear what I am about to say, I would talk to him about the party and how great it would be to play Truth or Dare with some girls. How exciting the possibilities are when you play it.


You share your secrets in front of the girl? The girl can hear that?


Yes, she hears everything. But you don’t look at her, you don’t even take notice of her.


You do not acknowledge her presence.






And of course she hears it because you’re so excited while you’re talking to your friend that she cannot help overhearing it (what you are talking about and the excitement of your voice). 

And you just look over to her and if you see that she’s attracted (to the fun in your voice), then you don’t need to have any fear that you are too nerdy or something. 

Then you can just go over to her and say “Hey, what about you? Maybe you just want to join us?” - and then she will join you.


Especially if you formulate it as a sort of challenge, “you were listening to us, we were talking about this great party, but I’m sure you will be too chicken, you will be too afraid to do this? Unless you’re very cool, then you can join us.” 

She will of course justify herself and say “You know I’m cool, I can do it, I know the game. I have played Truth or Dare before.” 

And you say “Yes okay let’s prove this. I don’t think you can’t take it…” 

“I can take it,” she says. 

Just like this?


Yes, just don’t be the one who’s in the weak position. Just pretend to be the one who’s in the strong position because you are in the strong position. 

Say something to her that forces her to prove that she’s cool. Something like: 

“Why are you looking over like this? I don’t think that you’re cool enough to join our party.” 


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