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When playing Truth or Dare, what is the better choice? Personally, I would be inclined to choose "Truth"...


Of course, there is never a "wrong" answer. It depends on your personal taste. But if it was me choosing, I would most often pick "Dare".


First, I find dares more fun. That's the most important reason. Others are

  • Truths may reveal really embarrassing stuff from outside of the game. Dares only let me do or experience embarrassing stuff where everyone knows it's only a game (i.e. it's not the real me)
  • Others are encouraged to also choose dare if it's fun when it's my turn. (I always make sure it's fun for everybody.)
  • As long as you play with nice friends and not some juvenile (well perhaps they need to be juvenile) - some evil people, it will never be really really bad. At least that's what happens in my experience. This is not a guarantee!
  • Often I dare my friends to do stuff which would be appealing to me. This somehow sets in motion a positive shift in the game. Examples of dares I would mix in for others (of course I am not always nice!) are: "kiss this player", "have a eating contest", "grab every behind of the group and rate them"…

It's more fun that way.

What are the most embarrassing Truth or Dare questions?

This question came up so often that there is a whole section dedicated to find the most embarrassing and mean Truth Dare you can come up with! Read what others have written and let us know if you can be even meaner!

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