Gameguide to playing Truth or Dare!
Make it perfect and leave a clean house!

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We have seen in this gameguide how to choose the ideal party location and how to manage bringing alcohol into play. The last considerations go to the atmosphere at the party, the final organization steps and what happens after the party is over. (You guessed it: it will be after-party time! Just read on...)

Do you have music? Organize a laptop or a personal computer fully equipped with a great sound system. Check the power supply: You may need to prepare an extension cable.

  • Simpler: an IPod is enough to bring the music into any room you wish. (You could even take the music outside if you want to play there.)
  • Ask your friends to bring CD’s and MP3’s.
  • Organize your music before the party into playlists.

Adapt the music to the theme of your party:

If you want cozy and nice, choose more relaxed music (lounge music, electronic or soul music or RnB). If you want upbeat, choose current pop sounds, radio hits and party sounds and let everyone dance to them!

Do you have sent out all your invitations?

Send out the first invitations a week before the event starts. Don’t make it to stiff or too formal: you don’t want to overwhelm your guests.

Use a short message via email, Facebook (or any other social network site). Let it be a little bit of an understatement.

Say something like “I am throwing a nice, fun party in small circle of chosen friends“. Organize a Facebook group: everyone can see who is attending and who is not.

Two or three days before the party, start with the organization. (Who will be buying the supplies and preparing the rooms?) 

You should send everyone another note, a reminder/follow-up to their mobile phone or even a make short phone call.

Gameguide tips:

Great tips for playing Truth or Dare

If you don’t want to waste all your time on Facebook to get your friends together, ask one of your best friends or one your guest who doesn’t want to bring alcohol or refreshments with them and ask them to help you set up the party. Ask your friend to take over half of your phone calls.

Start a phone call chain: You first call one or two of your friends and ask them to call one or two specific other friends. Then, let them call you back. And so you have half the work done without lifting a finger. You know your friends: you will know exactly that if you call Bob, he will know which two best friends to call. You will be much faster and the and more successful. Bob will be happy to have his friends around!

Do you have your cleaning up handled?

Have help ready when it’s time to clean up the party.

Make sure that the place is cleaned up before your parents, neighbors or siblings come back and see the whole "mess". Make it look like that is was the most calm and normal party ever. 

Also make sure to clean up every room which has been used by you and to remove any traces. Only you will know just how crazy you were! If you didn’t exaggerate it, there shouldn’t be too many traces left. If you have to take care of some destroyed tables, or if someone threw up in the bathroom: tone it down next time!

Gameguide tips:

Great tips for playing Truth or Dare

Ask some of your closer friends before the party ended if they want to help you out with cleaning up. The more the merrier.

Usually if you have 5 or so people, cleaning up will be like an after party. You can have some special treats ready (cake or the like) for the after party cleaning crew!

Get some guests who have not helped out in the party. Just ask them to stay: “Everyone has brought something or someone, you didn’t. So the least you can do is just to help me out. If everybody helps out, it will be fun.” I am absolutely sure that nobody will object to that.

Did you follow this step-by-step gameguide? Then you are ready to Party! Congratulations!

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