Follow the gameguide: Drinking alcohol at your Truth or Dare party?

In the last part of the gameguide, you could see how teens could prepare themselves.

Since Truth or Dare can be played at any age, some guests might be inclined to drink alcoholic beverages to spice things up a notch.

That is why you have to ask yourself this one question:

Drinking alcohol?

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You have to have the appropriate age to drink alcohol, and if you aren’t of age enough, you shouldn’t. So just prepare non alcoholic refreshment. You know your guests and what party you want to have!

When you want to drink alcohol but just don’t have enough at home, you could just honestly ask your parents. Perhaps your dad or mom will remember the fun times they had when they were young and will just offer you an appropriate amount of drinks that they think is not too much. Honestly, most parents would prefer their kids drinking a moderate amount with their knowledge - no matter which age their kids may be - over letting them do whatever they want.

This way, you can save quite some money. Or just ask your friends to bring some alcohol. In fact, this gameguide suggests you ask every friend to bring something!

Gameguide Tips

Gameguide tips:

You want to have an evenly divided number of girls and boys at your party and some nice alcoholic refreshments along the way? Try these true and tested tricks.

Ask all your male friends to bring either along a female friend of his, who is nice and fun to hang around with and who appreciates fun games like Truth or Dare. Make clear that they shouldn’t bring a dislikeable slow poke. They will know whom to ask.

And if your male friends don’t have only one to bring with them, just ask them to bring a bottle of alcohol with them instead, in case they cannot bring a female friend.

Make it clear that either those conditions will be met - or else, when he arrives, he will have to buy something afterwards while the party is going.

For your female friends, just ask them to bring either some self made food like a cake or salad or a fruit cocktail or just a bag of chips and soft drinks.

Make sure that everyone brings something different. This way, you don’t end up with 10 cakes...!

Should you be at a party where you have more girls than boys, just ask them to bring their best male friend. If he is cool and trustworthy, he has fun stories to tell and is fun to be around in the party. Make sure that they don’t bring a dishonest, uninteresting or aggressive guy just because they don’t have anyone else in mind.

Make it clear that you want to have it a fun a balanced party with interesting people all along. Everyone loves to hang around interesting people. Concentrate your efforts in getting most of them into your party and it will be a success.

Invite as many girls as guys to the party!
Invite as many girls as guys to the party!
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If there are not just enough Truth or Dare girls at your party, tell your girlfriends that they should bring their best female friend. Since almost every girls has a best female friend, they will feel better about themselves and more at ease playing Truth or Dare. Since she knows her best friend so well, both of them will be quite a good team and a good match. And they will trust each other.

Go back and to part 1 of the Gameguide: location, privacy and provisions.

Read about party music, invitations and cleaning up after the party in the next part.

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