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Dare it up!

Life`s a party - dare it up to get it to the next level!

Shout out to Lynn for Best contributor to this site (and to thank for another steaming hot dare story)

Another great dare for a hot dare, and Lynn rises to the challenge. I was pretty dumb-struck when I read another one of their epic stories.Man, what a sizzling hot couples life they have!

Thank you for sharing the greatest and hottest stories on this site over a long time.

Your stories don't only resonate with me, they are also the most popular page of this whole website. Almost 200 people (!) read them, everyday.

That's not the whole website (thousands enjoy it), but your stories alone!

Your stories and your dares definitively have earned all this attention.

Thanks, and keep being the hot daredevils that you are.

Continue reading "Shout out to Lynn for Best contributor to this site (and to thank for another steaming hot dare story)"

Lynn’s Naked Dare Stories with Wife and Friends

Lynn Miller is a Truth or Dare lover and a big fond of performing naked dares in public with his wife and friends. He has a submitted many of his naked dare stories to us which you can read here.

Continue reading "Lynn’s Naked Dare Stories with Wife and Friends"

Wife took my sexy dare with my buddy

Steve and his wife share adventerous stories about stripping and dares. Their friend Mark also joins in...

Continue reading "Wife took my sexy dare with my buddy"

Embarrassing dares for guys and girls

Find popular embarrassing dares for guys and girls involving tampons, bras, condoms and everything embarrassing you can think of!

Continue reading "Embarrassing dares for guys and girls"

Road Rash Everywhere

A Naked Dare Story

(Photo from Sasha Kargaltsev via flickr) This all happened when I was 17. Me and a about 6 or 7 guys and girls were all drinking one night and we had already

Continue reading "Road Rash Everywhere "

Truth or Dare girls: two hot sisters heat it up!

My hot sister and me were having a blast!

My sister and I were playing truth or dare at a party and we did some hotter dares together. There were a lot of kissing games and stuff like that going

Continue reading "Truth or Dare girls: two hot sisters heat it up!"

Pool Pong - Beer Pong for the Pool!

Photo: (William Beutler) This is a unique and interesting game, which can be played in many different ways. Once I was having a pool party with my friends

Continue reading "Pool Pong - Beer Pong for the Pool!"


(Photo from Mat_the_W)Instead of playing the same drinking card games that everyone knows about, why not play something with a little bit more interaction?


Guy and Girl, Dared to Exchange Clothes

This is very short but fun video, showing a guy and a girl exchanging their clothings. The fun thing is that the guy is fairly bigger than the girl

Continue reading "Guy and Girl, Dared to Exchange Clothes"

Adult dares: Diaper dare Stories!

On popular request, we set up a page for diaper dare stories! They are embarrassing at best, and messy and adult at worst, so you have been warned.

Feel free to check them out and jump into the comments if you have also made any dare involving diapers!

Continue reading "Adult dares: Diaper dare Stories!"

The Funny Pickle Dare - A Short Story

(Photo from jessica mullen) I was only twelve years old, and I was at my very first real sleepover. I had stayed overnight at friends’ houses before

Continue reading "The Funny Pickle Dare - A Short Story"

Interesting Truth or Dare Story

Playing Truth or Dare is often a double-edged sword. The game can promise laughs, but sometimes the laughing will be at your expense. My name is Paul,

Continue reading "Interesting Truth or Dare Story"

Platform Diving Dare! Scared the heck out of me

A swimming class that is etched in my memory forever. When I was a college I needed to take a course to fulfill a physical fitness requirement. I am not

Continue reading "Platform Diving Dare! Scared the heck out of me"

Game with Baloons

The game is simple, and can be played outdoors or in a bigger house. First, you gather some players. Then, you take a baloon or ball and let the players

Continue reading "Game with Baloons"

Sexy Truth or Dare in the dark

Two girls made out in the dark for a sexy dare...

(Photo from LesMedia via flickr) This is the most embarrassing truth or dare experience I ever had. It all began with us girls playing sexy Truth or Dare

Continue reading "Sexy Truth or Dare in the dark"

Had to walk home naked after playing Truth or Dare with girls!

Never have I run so fast as when i had to go home naked!

It was winter when I got invited to this party. I was 15 years old and there were mostly girls. I was not so popular at that time and was really happy

Continue reading "Had to walk home naked after playing Truth or Dare with girls!"

Strip Poker! Never go all in!

We had the girls almost stripped

(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr) One time in high school, we were playing strip poker with some girls. They were pretty hot and I had a lucky streak, so

Continue reading "Strip Poker! Never go all in!"

Teen Pool Party Game: Gutterball

Are You Ready to Play GutterBall?

(Photo from AndyFitz via Flickr) This teen pool party game is called Gutterball. It can be played anywhere with water, but a pool is usually the best place.

Continue reading "Teen Pool Party Game: Gutterball"

Marco Polo Game and Other Swimming Pool Games

(Photo from Jemingway) Yelling Marco (Photo from AndyFitz)Marco Polo GameMarco Polo is likely the most popular pool game ever created, and is simple enough

Continue reading "Marco Polo Game and Other Swimming Pool Games"

Truth Dare and Five hot Girls

(Photo from Endlisnis via Flickr)At my friend, Nadia's 16th birthday party we decided to play truth or dare. There were five girls there, including myself,

Continue reading "Truth Dare and Five hot Girls"

A dare to get naked on a public beach

This happened 2 days ago. John and I were off. We went to a lake about 30 miles away. I was wearing a 2 piece string bikini. We went around a point away

Continue reading "A dare to get naked on a public beach "

Peeping Tom Next Door.

My boyfriend and I have put a wooden privacy fence around our backyard. I do work 2 to 3 days a week for a local department store. On my days off I like

Continue reading "Peeping Tom Next Door. "

TOD disaster

I was in the senior year and at a party after homecoming, It was at one of my guy friend's house. I and my friends went together. After a while, my guy

Continue reading "TOD disaster "

Colors of Life

(Photo from Lourdes S.) A great ice breakers game to play is to have everyone stand in a circle with a bag of m&ms, ask everyone to take as many or as

Continue reading "Colors of Life"


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