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Public Naked Dare Stories

Ever run through the park or in front of a car - wearing no clothes? That can only be explained by a fun dare!

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My First Dare.

This happen when I was 16, my sister Betty was 15. Our friend June was staying with us over the weekend. We were watching a movie with a lot of nudity

Continue reading "My First Dare."

Unexpected Dare

My wife and I have been married for 25 years and we have never done anything prior to what I am about to share with you. Have been on a weight loss journey

Continue reading "Unexpected Dare"

Collection of Stripping Truth or Dare Stories

When you play Strip Poker or do dares, you can expect to end up naked. Have fun reading some stripping dare stories, and try to keep your pants on!

Continue reading "Collection of Stripping Truth or Dare Stories"

Truth or Dare to the Max

Truth or Dare to the Max is a series of naked truth or dare stories submitted by a visitor who named himself as a King of Dares. Read these interesting truth or dare ideas and share your thoughts in the comments.

Continue reading "Truth or Dare to the Max"

Women kissing women to "practice" for their first kiss

(Photo from Vince Viloria via flickr)Never Been Kissed From the look of me I seem like normal sheltered woman. Not one of those women kissing women. I'm

Continue reading "Women kissing women to "practice" for their first kiss"

Adult Pool Party Game - Volleyball Stripping Game

(Photo From gnews pics via flickr)Well this game is called strip volleyball, it's better to play with at least 4-5 males and females; we played it California

Continue reading "Adult Pool Party Game - Volleyball Stripping Game "

Top 10 Halloween pranks videos

Everyone loves a good scare - afterwards!For your evil inspiration: the top 10 halloween pranks- complete with videos:Halloween Prank 1 - Surprise, Surprise!These

Continue reading "Top 10 Halloween pranks videos"

Elementary Angst: How One Kiss Can Change Perception

(Photo from LesMedia) A third-grade slumber party at a classmate's house. A couple of other girls are there, four of us in all, and as the night wears

Continue reading "Elementary Angst: How One Kiss Can Change Perception"

Women kissing women - especially at parties

People love going out with their friends and enjoying their time. Parties are getting more and more common as people are getting older especially in college.

Continue reading "Women kissing women - especially at parties"

Adult Pool Party Ideas: Keller ball

(Photo from juanpol via Flickr)The pool party game I am going to describe is called Keller ball. The game is very easy and self-explanatory. I would not

Continue reading "Adult Pool Party Ideas: Keller ball"

River Crossing - Pool Party Game

(Photo from KipferHome) The River crossing game is a great pool party game for older children, teens, and adults. All you need for this game is two ropes

Continue reading "River Crossing - Pool Party Game"

Preparing For The Best Type Of Party

(Photo from Pedro Rivas Ugaz) A few months ago my husband and I found out we were blessed with a baby. I am currently seven months pregnant and wanting

Continue reading "Preparing For The Best Type Of Party "

Three Scary Games for Your Next Sleepover

(Photo from Ursala Hudson) 1. Scary Game - Prison break Materials: Flashlight, clothes that can get dirty Setting: Outside in large yard preferably

Continue reading "Three Scary Games for Your Next Sleepover"

Send the link to this website around.

Another great way, you can help us make this website known to everyone is to just use our pay it forward function to send our website around. To do this

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Swirly Dare – The memories of a lifetime

(Photo from the prodigal untitled13)In 1993, in the small town of Whitehouse, Texas, I was invited to a lake-house birthday party for one of my friends.

Continue reading "Swirly Dare – The memories of a lifetime "

Sliding Into Cold Water!

(Photo from Nat Tarbox)When I was eight years old, living on a lake in Massachusetts. My best friend Meredith and I was bored as usual on a fall day decided

Continue reading "Sliding Into Cold Water! "

Funny Truth or Dare Stories

Here is our collection of the funniest Truth or Dare Stories that actually happened. Don't click if you want to stay bored!

Continue reading "Funny Truth or Dare Stories"

Ew! Disgusting Truth or Dare Stories

Doing dares can get downright nasty. Here is a collection of disgusting dare stories that is still safe to read for every age.

Continue reading "Ew! Disgusting Truth or Dare Stories"

Gay Truth or Dare Stories (Safe Content)

Playing Truth or Dare with the same sex can get you in surprisingly embarrassing situations. Click here to check out some “gay” Truth or Dare stories.

Continue reading "Gay Truth or Dare Stories (Safe Content)"

Collection of Embarrassing Truth or Dare Stories

A lot of humiliating, embarrassing Truth or Dare Stories, collected for you. You’ll turn red from embarrassment when reading these!

Continue reading "Collection of Embarrassing Truth or Dare Stories"

Truth or Dare Girl Stories

The funniest, hottest, and sexiest compilation of Truth or Dare Girl stories you shouldn't dare to miss! Girls really love to play Truth or Dare—find out why!

Continue reading "Truth or Dare Girl Stories"

Great Dares for Guys and Girls

Tie him/her up and blindfold him/her. Then do whatever you want to. (by Anonymous Visitor) Dare your friend to go to a neighbors house and ask for their

Continue reading "Great Dares for Guys and Girls"

Freezing Cold Double Dares

Kawi's awesome double dares with ice cubes and snow! Give us more freezing dares to do!

Continue reading "Freezing Cold Double Dares"

Anna and Sarah's Diaper Dare Stories

Anna's crazy dares often involve diapers and going to the toilet in them. Check them out, but be warned because the dares are pretty extreme...

Continue reading "Anna and Sarah's Diaper Dare Stories "


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