Party Invitation Ideas

Part 2 – Inviting the party crowd (even the hotties!)

Learn the best mind tricks to invite the hottest friends to your party by following the best ideas to make your dare party irresistible!

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The best way to start out is to host a Truth or Dare themed party. Simply by being the host, you get the chance to suddenly become much more popular. Something unusual as a Truth or Dare party is very attractive. 

It will be as easy as walking up to the good-looking cheerleader and saying, “Hey, I got a very cool Truth or Dare party  tonight at my home. How about joining us?” 

She would be dumb not to join.


A 16-year old school guy should directly go to the hot cheerleader girl. It cannot be as easy as just saying “we are playing Truth or Dare at the party, please join us, it will be awesome”?


He has nothing to lose. He is just offering her an invitation to a very cool party. There’s nothing he has to worry about socially. 


Okay, I understand that point that he has nothing to lose about inviting her. 

But you know how much courage it takes to ask a girl out. How much more courage will be needed for asking a hot girl to play Truth or Dare? 

How about trying this approach:

  • “Hi Amanda, I have this very cool party on Saturday and we will be doing crazy stuff which never happens at other parties.” 
  • She will be puzzled. She will be suspicious about the crazy stuff... 
  • Then you say “we will be playing a game and it will be awesome.” 
  • And she will be puzzled even more. And she will ask what game will you play? And then you say, “We’ll just drink some nice drinks, we will make some nice cocktails, and have a nice time and if you’re cool enough, you can join.” 
  • If she insists on knowing what happens at the party, you say, “You know the game Truth or Dare? You know what crazy stuff can happen there?” 
  • And when she has this knowing look in her eyes, then you have won her over! 
  • You say, “Yes you know THE game. It’s going to be legendary. If you don’t want to miss out this crazy night you should join us.  So Amanda - see you at seven at my house on Saturday.”

That’s it. You have asked out the hottest girl in school. That’s the idea.

You are coming from a stronger frame of mind! 


It’s also important to realize that you’re in the stronger position.


That’s very interesting. Do you mean you come from a place of strength?  How?


The great thing about your truth or dare game is: just by having it prepared you have the advantage over other people. If you plan a party at your home, and you want to play this game, you can go to other people and you will be offering them value with all your dare ideas! They won’t say no. Unless they are boring people, which you would not want at your party anyway.


Let me put this into perspective. Except for "Amanda" which is the hot school girl, and you had trouble asking her out, you can ask your close friends: 

"Hey, I want to throw this school party and Amanda will be there (the cool cheerleader chick) and she will bring three girlfriends because we asked her to."

We asked her to, did we? 

We have the girls because we piqued their curiosity. And we get the guys – mainly because of the girls.


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