Inviting Truth or Dare girls playing along at your party will bring you to the edge...!

Large group of girls having fun at a party(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

I wrote a whole ebook about how you can best do this! 

To enjoy an awesome party evening, you can’t miss out inviting some Truth or Dare girls!

Consider the difference of inviting boys and girls to that special party - especially if they don’t know what to expect.

You generally should aim to invite three girls for every two guys.

If they hear about the crazy party you will be throwing, almost none of the guys will be missing. You will probably have your hands full of too many guys!

As for the girs… There is one thing which is certain: they are often undecided.

Perhaps, at the last moment, another party will seems to be more interesting – and they will flake. They may be distracted about that other party and forget to tell you that they don’t show up.

Make it a habit to imagine that one third of the female guest might not show up. Don’t be upset. Just be prepared for it. And if you’re wrong, there will be a surplus of girls. Don’t worry, the guys can handle that!

If you want, have some “back-up friends” ready. Some of these friends wanted to come but you had to tell them:

“Sorry mate, the guest list is already full. But if someone cannot come, I’ll be sure to call you. Okay?”

Make it sure that your friends don’t feel like they're left-over’s!

Sincerely convey that you just don’t have the room to invite another friend.

How to make your female guests ready to turn into raging Truth or Dare girls?

beautiful ladies enjoying and yelling at party

Make your party enticing for the ladies!

  • When you invite them and talk about the party, throw in emotionally rich descriptions of what to expect.

Me and some dudes will be hanging out. Wanna come?

Sounds way lame! Imagine saying:

Me and my coolest friends are trowing a big, special party! It will be SO DIFFERENT from all other parties… I really had a hard time deciding whom to invite. I want only open-minded people to be there. Oh yeah, you can bring one of your girls with you – but only one! So choose a cool girl ;)

Are you up for it? You don’t need to worry about the drinks, my guys have that handled. But it would be cool if you brought a salad or a snack.


  • How tasteful it will be
  • How much fun you all will be having
  • Which great music you have prepared
  • The tasty food your other guests will be bringing.
  • How you could dance at the place (if it’s possible)
  • How you could cook and eat together before the party even starts.
  • Also, let them know you have prepared a lot of different refreshments and that there won’t be only beer and chips.

Remember the tips!

baking a hand made cake for the partySelf made cakes!
(Photo from Southern Foodways Alliance)

Some of your female guests have already promised to bring their favorite cake along, didn’t they? You can talk about it. It will make a difference.

“Everyone will be there! And there’s this cool guy who plays the guitar… Kathy will bring her favorite apple pie…!”

...You get the message.

After the party, you will have clear knowledge who the cool guests were – and which Truth or Dare girls you want to call next time!

To give your party the final edge, your party should have a distinctive theme

Post your hottest party girls!

We want to see your party girls! Post those hot party photos right here for everyone to see! You can send your friends here to prove how cool your party has been.

Just write a few lines about how cool the party with girls was. Or if you feel lazy, just post the pics and comment on each other!

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