How to Get More Girls to Play Truth or Dare

Part 9 - Make good (male) friends and get help to get the girls to play

From sausage party to awesome Truth or Dare party: Work as a team with the bros to get all the... ladies! ;)

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Let’s think about the other alternative. Let’s say this Saturday you throw a party; its Friday already. You don’t get any girls, because they have other plans. 

And you have only Bob, Andrew and Christian, you and me, all the guys. 

They will meet each other on Saturday. We have alcohol and drinks and a party location, good music, but we have no girls.  

I have an idea what to do but - what would be your idea?


I would use this possibility to get to know each other much better, because it’s a big advantage if you have good friends. 


Good male friends.


Yes, of course and you have two options. The first one is to get along with those male friends, the second one is to do something to get some women.




What would you do? 


I think I agree with you. We have some alcohol, we have some guy friends. I would just have a blast with the guy friends and I would just drink and have fun with the guys. I would do it like it was on purpose. 

I would say, “Yes, this night, I don’t want to have any girls here, I just want to have fun with you guys.”

It is a lie of course, I want to have girls, but I did not succeed in having the girls. 

The guys will be flattered. 

And so they’ll say, “Okay cool, an evening with the guys” and then I would get to know the guys and make them my friends and accomplices. Then we’ll talk about “just imagine how awesome it would be if we had Amanda and the other girls here, and then we would play Truth or Dare…” and then I would explain every step to them. 

A guy knows how to keep a secret. So they would work together. 


So you can use them afterwards, if you play this game again. And they will help you to maintain the flow of the game. 


You said something about maintaining the flow of the game.  Which factors do you think could disrupt the flow of the game?


I think there are many factors. One factor would be if you don’t have enough alcohol. 


So you have to have enough alcohol.


Of course! How lame do you think the party would be if you just had one bottle of beer for 20 people at your house? 

How would this party turn out? I think it would be no fun.


Very sober, to say the least.


Yes. It’s important that you have enough to drink, enough to eat and everyone feels comfortable. Because it’s essential that they don’t have to bother or worry about those unimportant things like alcohol or food or something.


Yes, okay that would disrupt the party. 

If we have a lot of alcohol, we have girls and boys, what would disrupt the party?


Maybe if the parents come home too early.


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