Dont try to balance TORD

by Micah

As a rule, never try to make truth or dare fair.

In our friends group (4 girls, 3 guys) we always wanted to play games like truth or dare, but because of how cruel we tended to be, we always added a couple extra rules.

  1. The challenge, each player can challenge another player's dare, if the player does so, the darer must preform the dare before the dared, if the darer cannot, he must do a forfeit, if the darer successfully completes the dare, the dared must do the dare twice.

  2. No singling out, in our games we could always pick any target for dares we wanted, but nobody who had not been picked could be picked until everybody else had.

  3. Forfeits are a trad-able currency, if a player takes a forefeet, they give the person owed a forefeet a signed piece of paper, entitling them to one task of the holder's choice, these were commonly bartered for among the group.

so, about two weeks after our middle school graduation, me and the other guys in the group got together, and we decided, we were going to take the girls for a loop, there was a game scheduled in a week at the last middle school meet-up sleepover, and we planned to take the game a few steps further, then we ever had before. It didn't work.

2 of our guys ended up sitting in the wrong places at the table, the girls ended up asking each-other for dares, and all the guys with a lot of horniness to waste ended up sitting around and daring each-other because of the singling out rule.

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Dec 27, 2014
Complicated but nice challenges
by: Francis

Micah, I had to re-read your post to understand your special rules. They are complicated, but I guess that will give the game of Truth or Dare more depth / make it harder.

So let's say these are advanced rules. :)

I like the challenging of the dare. If a dare is easy to do for someone who is not dared, but hard for the dared, this will come up often.

For example. Player 1 is dared to remove a piece of clothing (he is in his underwear and a shirt). Player 2 (fully clothed) challenges the dare.

Then Player 2 easily removes his jacket. Player 1 now has to remove 2 pieces of clothes, leaving him naked.

Did I get that right?

Rule number 2 is great.

We once had a big round of TORD where we used an app that chose the players on random. One girl was somehow left out and almost never got chosen. In the end, we had her "catch up" with the rest of the group.

Would we (or the app) have known your rule number 2, then the girl would have had more fun.

Rule number 3 is just plain awesome! It takes the fun of the dares way outside of the game.

In principle, you owe others a favor that you can exchange with them whenever they like, right?

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