Throw a Truth or Dare Party Today!

Beautiful girls playing truth or dare at hen party

Welcome to my Truth or Dare Website!

I built it for you because of the many priceless, hilarious, drop-dead-embarrassing and unforgettable memories I have from playing this party game.

My friends and me have passed many evenings together playing this.

We called them the "Awesome Evenings"

And I want your evenings to be awesome, as well! This is why I built this whole site.

As everyone runs out of ideas all the time, playing Truth or Dare from the top of your head either got us in trouble, or nowhere. Adding some drinking games helped get everyone loosened up. It's just that you tend to do stupid stuff when you are drunk.

Really stupid stuff. Seriously, don't go in unprepared when your friends are drunk and want to play the oldest party game and ask you:

"Truth or Dare?"

The first time the game really was so much fun, no one got hurt but everyone ended up buck naked (no kidding, we were like 20 people there!) happened like this...

We were having fun, drinking some beers and playing some games. In one corner some girl was giving a guy friend of mine a back rub. A classical, fun evening.

I was playing around with my smartphone, and stumbled on this Truth or Dare app. Without having read all the dares it had, I just proposed everyone plays it. And off we went...

The power of preparing the dares and choosing the player automatically transformed a game that was meh into something magical. No one chickened out even once. It was all great fun, a tad naughty and a really bonding experience.

I thought to myself: this is awesome. Just by holding this phone in my hands and reading what stands here: Bam! A dozen people entertained the whole night!

What a no-brainer!

If you just love to bring the party to your friends...

If you are tired of hanging around every evening doing the same...

If you want to get close to someone who was only your friend way too long... (yeah that's possible too!)

Then you are in the right place. Take your time to stay a bit, read around. This website has grown increadibly large from all the stories and ideas submitted by visitors. I am sure you'll find what you are looking for.

Start reading everything about how to get that party started!

And don't just read this stuff, you have to actually do it!

Yes, I know many people are just sitting on their asses, waiting for the fun to magically appear. It's not that easy. Being the life of the party is hard work, man!

Just kidding. It's fun as heck and I want you to grab this moment by the balls and rock the next get-together, sleepover night or whatever party you go to.

If you want to be bored: do nothing and nip on your beer.

If you want exciting times, if you want to spend awesome times, if you want things to be unpredictable...

Then play Truth or Dare!

Making things awesome since... boys have found out that girls are cute. Which is like forever.

Enjoy your stay!

Yours truly,

The Dare-Master

P.S: If you have not found it already (it is a little hidden) I write some rants, personal notes or open questions in my Truth or Dare Journals Mini-Blog. Feel free to drop me a line!



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