Want more free party game ideas? Mix up the games you play!

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The classical game Truth or Dare cannot be played at all occasions. You will need new free party game ideas to spice up the fun you have in your group!

If you just want to mix up how you play Truth or Dare, you are at the right place! In case you really need a break and want to play something else, read on!

Find out about Dare or Truth variants! Depending on your age, you may want to change the rules a bit.

There is a lot else to do at a party!

  • Play exciting games at the pool, in the hot tub or at the beach! Read on about pool party games! You will find some hot and prewritten dares which to immediately use after playing games at the beach, in the hot tub or in the swimming pool.
  • Play a fun and short game of Fuck, Marry, Kill! Watch your language! You will be rolling on the floor soon after playing this game. Also, you and your friends will make insider stories that may last a lifetime!
Three young girls are having a birthday party
  • If you plan on having a girl-only-party, you will really want to play girl games! Find all about cootie catchers, MASH and karaoke dance parties!
  • Or just scare the girls with classic scary games like the Ouija game.
  • Even if you don't want to play too much girly games, seriously thrilling scary games are always a nice new party idea in the mix!
  • Arrr! Time for some pirating! Have fun with your themed party games, like the fun pirate party games!
  • Everybody likes carnival! And everyone loves carnival party games! Dress up in your favorite costume and let the fun begin!
  • If you are looking for great games for teenagers, try out these fun teenage birthday party games! Nowadays it is not always easy to find something fun to do for teenage kids. Keep them hooked with these games!

You can add your own free party game ideas!

Have Your Own Party Ideas?

Do you love to party and want to share your experiences with others? Let us know which games you play at parties!

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