Truth or Dare Dimensions

Part 10 – About trust, fun, not getting caught and crazy mind games

Fully understand what it means to have dare parties! It's a new dimension... Make use of the shared experiences from masters of Truth or Dare evenings.

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It’s an important thing to note that we don’t want the parents or neighbors or big sisters and brothers at our party. 


Or people who just want to look and not to join in the game.


That’s a very crucial point! When you play Truth or Dare you have to play. If you just want to look, you have to leave. You either play or you leave. 


You and the people you play with share a very intimate moment. You’re like a kind of special group just by playing this game and I think that’s something extraordinary.

Doing all these crazy dares you wouldn’t normally dream of doing, that’s really bonding. You would not go so far if you did not strongly belong to your group of peers. You don’t have to worry about the things that go on in the rest of the world. You just have this one room where you are with your friends, and the people you like, and you can do everything. 


And we literally mean everything

What does everything mean?

  • Some people fall in love, others break up
  • Many times, sexual activities take place
  • Alcohol excesses and totally chaotic development of the game
  • Some of the most humiliating, embarrassing moments ever
  • You do things which you will remember your whole life!

To wrap this interview up, some last remarks. Truth or Dare is extremely popular and many teens in the US or over the world have played it when they were kids from the age of nine and onwards. Virtually every kid knows this game. 


A lot of small kids have gotten their first kisses through this game, I think.


At which age do you think should you stop playing truth or dare? When you are, let’s say, sixteen or 20 perhaps?


When you’re too old to spin the bottle. Then you’re too old. (laughs)


Then let’s say when you’re 99 years old, you’re too old to play Truth or Dare

When you play a game that is normal for small children to play, I guess you will fear to be thought of as a creep. 

The good news: many people older people than e.g. nine years old play this children’s game - only with the creativity of a 20-year old! 


True. Think of it like this:

  • The whole society is full of competition. 
  • You don’t have any quiet moments for yourself. 
  • You always have to be the best. Or good looking. Or whatever.

When you play this game, you get to break out of society rules. You can enter a new persona where you can be whoever you want to be. 

And that’s the most precious thing about this game. You can be who you really are and nobody will complain about it.  Everybody just wants to have fun. They won’t say to you “oh my God, you’re so naughty” or whatever. You’ll be just people having fun together. Just like children do. I think that’s the most beautiful part of Truth or Dare.


I’d like to put it very dramatically, and I will reframe it another way. When you play Truth or Dare you enter an alternative reality. 


Another dimension.


Another dimension, it’s just another world. And in this world there are other rules. Everyone who plays truth or dare belongs to the same world, which is separated from the real world. It’s a fun world.

And of course, everything which you experience in this other world, stays between you. When you “come back” after you play Truth or Dare, what happens to all the stories you have experienced?


I think it’s a game that completely depends on trust. 

It’s assumed that everything you experience or do to each other stays in the “Truth or Dare Dimension”. Nobody will ever pull it out into the real world and tell his girlfriends, “Oh my god we did those crazy things back there and we were so naughty blah blah…” 

This whole game cannot work if the people who play are liars and try to harm other people. You have to trust each other. You depend on each other to keep your dirty little secrets in the “Truth or Dare Dimension.”


Okay. I think we have talked quite a lot of bit and I would love to have another interview in the next time. I’ll make sure to let you know when it is online. But for the moment, I think we covered the basics of:

  • how to set up a party
  • gather the right persons and the right atmosphere
  • know what the game is about
  • some examples

I would love to thank you for the interview.


Oh, it’s such a pleasure.


I think we will hear each other again soon…

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