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Here is the place to read and share the most fun, epic and crazy drinking stories ever experienced on earth!

  • The stuff your friends keep teasing you with for years to come
  • The stories that make you tear up with laughter
  • These drop dead embarrassing moments that can only be shared anonymously...

We welcome your embarrassing accidents here!

Here is the place to gather all those drunkard moments, memories and embarrassing accident stories!

If it is about that time when...

  • you woke up butt naked in a park,
  • or when you puked in unspeakable locations...

We want them all!

Share, read and comment your embarrassing drunk stories!

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  • and find the best (or worst) experience of the year among these epic drunk stories!

All your friends and even your parents tell you to drink responsibly. That would of course be the sensible way to go...

But sometimes, the party just gets crazy, heated up and buzzed. You lose control. And go way overboard...

What are some of those stories involving alcohol that let you say:

"I am never ever drinking again!"

...Just to give up your resolution the next Friday or Saturday night?

Did you ever get so drunk that you woke up with a stranger next to you? Getting laid is never as easy as when you are stoned from all the alcohol.

Or when you know how to do it right...

But on the other side, your ability to judge the situation right can take a heavy blow... It's like your head goes blank.

Did you ever do something you regretted when you were drunk?

drunken man with wine bottles making funny face

Something, really, really stupid...?

Or did you ever lose your memory from all the booze..?

Did you have your friends tell you a ludicrous story of some crazy stuff you did that you don't believe them until this very day? That you would be sure was a lie if their stories would not match?

What were some silent pieces of evidence pointing you towards the hidden, forgotten truth burried below some bottles of beer and a headache?

Please tell us your most drunk embarrassing stories below!

Tell us your best drinking story!

Here is the place to brag about how buzzed you managed to get! Let us have every dirty little detail!

And don't forget to check out the stories from other party-freaks like you, leave them a comment and rate them!

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Drunk stories from others...

What others have experienced when they got totally wasted...

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(Photo from Grayskullduggery ) So it was my sophomore year at the feet were still wet and I had no idea what the hell I was doing at …

Drinking Story! Partners swapped. 
(Photo From rolands.lakis ) It's story of myself. I am now 34 years old. I got married 10 years back. This is story of my honeymoon. I along with my …

One Night at the Frat Party 
(Photo from Eli Duke ) I was invited to a military fraternity party while living on campus at the University of Minnesota. My boyfriend and I decided …

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(Photo from imagerymajestic | ) The most exhilarating night of my life happened, as most stories do, back when I was in college …

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(Photo from photostock/ ) I was barely 21, the legal age to purchase beer when I started playing Truth or Dare. The guys had …

Why alcohol drinking turns confidence in doing stupid things Not rated yet
(Photo from daniellehelm ) I was about 18 and living in New York. I had never drunk before and had no idea what alcohol could do to my tiny body. …

College Time Drinking Stories You Can't Easily Forget Not rated yet
(Photo from Flyinace2000 ) It was about twenty years ago, while in college when my twenty friends and I played truth or dare for pizza and a movie. …

Drowning in Dares Not rated yet
(Photo from Quang'y ) It was a beautiful summer night in Cincinnati, Ohio. My girl friends and I were on summer break from Miami University, and …

What are the Odds?  Not rated yet
(Photo from @spreadshirt ) Ok so this one happened at a party when I was 21. Truth or dare is usually a game that comes about towards the end of …

Make Drinking and Dares more fun with Friends Not rated yet
(Photo from Rasmus Knutsson ) I’m Mark, I was around the age of 20 when I went to my friend Bry's house to drink. We lived in California and he …

Embarrassing Drinking Stories: When Dare Moments Go Wrong Not rated yet
(Photo from Dan Zen ) The day I decided to quit playing Truth or Dare was March 8th, 1999. I had just turned twenty years old the day before. My …

(Photo from Nite_Owl ) Once long ago, I was passing by the Orient as I was doing my stint in the Military, Anyhow having some time to kill I visited …

Drinking Dare Story - Peeing in the woods was horrible Not rated yet
(Photo from EXTREMEPODS.COM ) I was home from college for the summer. My best friend was celebrating her birthday, which happened to fall over Memorial …

Drunk Dares and Embarrassing Drinking Stories Not rated yet
(Photo from David Blackwell. ) While I was studying abroad in Italy, we had become acquainted with a local bar, Due Righe ('Two Lines', or as we …

Dared to Do It Not rated yet
(Photo from Joanne and Matt ) I’ve never been much of a drinker, so when I do drink, especially to the point of getting drunk, it’s always a guaranteed …

Dare Drinking Stories with A Funny End Not rated yet
This was quite some time ago, back in London, I was living in this house I was renting from my sort of ex-girlfriend. Alcohol + Truth or Dare = Ultimate …

My Friend got out of his senses after Drinking Not rated yet
(Photo from pheaber ) Crying Like a Baby (Photo from Roadkills Collective ) This happened almost three years before while I was working …

I embarrassed my wife Not rated yet
(Photo from Sarebear:) Two weeks ago, my wife and I went to Richard's place for dinner. Before we left home, I already had two 650ml bottles of Kingfisher …

Drinking Stories from College Students Playing Truth or Dare Not rated yet
(Photo from hrlndspnks via flickr ) I was in my 4th year of engineering when this incident, which I am going to explain had happened. My roommate …

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Uncle! It's the other end? Not rated yet
"Uncle, it's the other end...!" It was January 2008. A famous religious feast in our locality was going on. When the feast goes on, all families in our …

The Most Embarrassing Drinking Story Not rated yet
It was the summer of 1998, and I was working at Six Flags Great America on a summer internship program. There were a lot of college students working different …

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