Your Truth or Dare party needs a good slogan!

When you have hung out at a regular basis at a Truth or Dare party, you might refer to it this way:

“we’re going to chill out” or “we’re going to be hanging out” or “we have joined for the usual fun” and all your friends will know!

Girl telling a secret to other girl

If you don’t know what this means yet you have not established yourself yet as an authority in the field of heavy partying and fun.

Just kidding you!

To make any Truth or Dare party memorable, give it a slogan. (Find the Top 30 slogans).

And give it a striking theme!

If you have a theme and a catchy phrase, everyone will be speaking about the party and say:

“Oh my god! Are you invited to this party? I can’t wait till it starts. It sounds so exciting.”

Also include some sort of program into your Truth or Dare party. Present some alternatives.

Don’t just say: "we're going to play Truth or Dare".

Make your party alluring and tempting before it even starts!

Instead, say this:

“We’re going to have the most fun you've ever have in your party. It will be crazy. If it’s too crazy for you, we can just pop in some DVD and watch some nice films. We have these films ready. And if you are hungry, don’t worry, we will cook together and these and those refreshment ready just for you!

Don’t forget to bring along your favorite CD’s, or else we’ll just listen to all the hits of the last two decades which will be ready for you. Can’t wait to see you and don’t forget to check in your Facebook to tell me if you’re able to make it. I need to know because every freed place needs to get passed on to other friends.”

Top 30 Truth or Dare party slogans:

  1. More Than Just Truth or Dare.
  2. More Truth or Dare Please.
  3. Truth or Dare Unscripted.
  4. Make Someone Happy with a Truth or Dare.
  5. The World's Favourite Truth or Dare.
  6. We're Serious About Truth or Dare.
  7. You've Got Questions. We've Got Truth or Dare.
  8. Any Time, Any Place, Truth or Dare.
  9. For The Truth or Dare You Don't Yet Know.
  10. Let the Truth or Dare Begin.
  11. Absolute Truth or Dare.
  12. Every Kiss Begins With Truth or Dare.
  13. Make Every Truth or Dare Count.
  14. Have Truth or Dare Your Way.
  15. It's a New Truth or Dare Every Day.
  16. Do You, uh, Truth or Dare?
  17. It Needn't Be Hell With Truth or Dare.
  18. Probably The Best Truth or Dare In The World.
  19. Truth or Dare Makes Everything Better.
  20. Try Truth or Dare, You'll Like It.
  21. We All Adore a Truth or Dare.
  22. What Would You Do For A Truth or Dare?
  23. And All Because The Lady Loves Truth or Dare.
  24. Behold the Power of Truth or Dare.
  25. Because Truth or Dare is Complicated Enough.
  26. It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Truth or Dare.
  27. Next to the Breast, Truth or Dare's the Best.
  28. You've Always Got Time For Truth or Dare.
  29. All You Need is a Truth or Dare and a Dream.
  30. You Too Can Have A Truth or Dare Like Mine.



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