Newspaper dancing Truth or Dare Game

by Francis

All you need is music and some old newspaper pages. The game is best played with 5-8 close friends.

newspaper dancing truth or dare game girl dancing(Photo from Jessica Rose Lane)
Spread enough newspaper on the ground for everyoneto stand on. You and your friends dance to the music while standing on the paper with both feet.

The music is stopped suddenly after some time by someone not dancing. It's close to musical chairs only that you must have your feet on the newspaper when the music stops.

Who stops the music?

  • The guy with the leg injury the last time we played
  • you can take someone who has a camera
  • or who chickens out on a dare.

Pushing off the paper is only allowed if only guys or only girls are playing. Why? Because it's fun to watch!

The players who stepped off are out. The paper is folded in half and the game continues!

newspaper dancing truth or dare game Cheerleader
(Photo from ph-stop)
Losers have to do a dare, like
  • Taking off clothes
  • Doing good stuff to the winner, like kissing or giving a massage
  • Dress up like cheerleaders and dancing around those who are still playing...!

You can think of really embarrassing or hard dares which can be used as joker cards:

If someone is out and really wants to stay in, he does the dare and the newspaper does not need to be halved.

It's simple but it's such great fun. Use this dancing truth or dare variation whenever you are bored but music is around.

Newspaper dancing adult Truth or Dare for sleepovers

If you are playing adult Truth or Dare on your sleepover, the newspaper Truth or Dare can get really fun if you're drinking and jumping around

...or really hot and sexy if you're undressing and dancing close.

At an adult sleepover truth or dare night, get a naughty magazine or poster and use it instead of some ole newspaper. Print out some... "sexy inspiration" on parts of whichever surface you decide to dance on. The "looser" has then to do an adult dare.

Strip Twister

newspaper dancing truth or dare game playing strip twister
(Photo from Hendricks Photos)
Another adult game that comes to mind is naked Twister! You only need to get out your Twister cover some music and daring people ready for some hot fun!

Then have everyone strip each time they stumble.

If you're playing strip Twister as a couple, the "looser" can have body parts assigned to each color... then some sensual touching will begin.

Body Painting Dares

And why not use body paint for dares when we're at it! Can you imagine some hot body painting dares?

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Mar 05, 2014
by: Denise

This is one rowdy idea. What a way to take the newspaper dance to a whole new level! I will suggest this to my friends the next time we get together. This will definitely heat things up! Thanks for sharing!

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