Preparation for a Party

Part 3 – Prepare yourself for the Truth or Dare party

Get ready and have all supplies ready that are fun, hot and surprising for the best dare party with your friends!

Party preparation

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How would you prepare yourself to play Truth or Dare?


If there are some dares that require some sort of accessory, have them at home.

  • Whipped cream: you must be sure to have that! 
  • Some relaxing but energizing music and some “chilled out” atmosphere.


Let me sum it up real quick. We have a nice atmosphere, the guests are there: 

• We have Amanda, 

• her girlfriends, 

• Bob, Andrew and Christian, 

• me and you, 

• and it’s a great party. 

It is good to prepare beforehand to the party:

  • some whip cream, 
  • some ice cubes, 
  • massage oils, 
  • some lipstick, 
  • colors which you could draw on people with, like a permanent marker 
  • some sort of balloons,  
  • and some gadgets for your party. 

You know you will use them later on. But first, they will look very harmless. When the time is right, they will notice all that stuff lying around and say "We have cookies and whipped cream." So far, all is normal, right? Then, the inspiration for the dares come!

  • "Just take the whipped cream right next to the cookies and put it on Amanda’s somewhere and lick it off." 


I don’t know where. (laughs)


I don’t know where either…! (laughs) (We’ll leave this up to the reader’s imagination…)


It’s another advantage the host has. He can prepare some equipment because he can think of some dares beforehand. 

He just buys one dare game but by only with his imagination and creativity, he can put the whole game to a new level. Just by preparing some special exotic equipment or gadgets.


You mentioned twice already that he has to buy a game. We’re talking about Truth or Dare, right? So in principle, this is a game everybody knows. So at the beginning, there is nothing to buy, right?


That’s right.


As long as the people prepare some nice and creative questions in advance, there are no costs, right? Say, a person did not want to spend any money. I think there is no need to. If they want to throw a great party, whether they play Truth or Dare, spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven – who knows what crazy stuff can happen!


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