Dares over Phone? How to play phone Truth or Dare

by Kristina

A girl is dared to prank call someone

A girl is dared to prank call someone

Can you play Truth or Dare over the phone?

We like to play it when we are on the phone and get bored, but after a while we run out of ideas. Can you help us out?


It is more difficult for you to play Truth or Dare over the phone since you cannot see the other person making the dare.

Solution 1: Play webcam truth or dare!

Solution 2: Use dares which mainly rely on sound only. Here are some truth or dare suggestions...

They have to carry the phone with them all the time and sometimes it makes sense for them to put the loudspeakers on.

Now to the phone dares:
  • Sing a song to your mom

  • Start an argument with your sibling over something really trivial. Exaggerate when you do!
  • Perform something really silly until you get an audible feedback from another person: make animal noises, surprise someone or startle or dance for them.

The dare is only completed when there is audible proof over the phone.
  • Use another phone to prank call someone. Pretend to be the pizza delivery guy. Use a funny accent. Continue the call until you are found out! You can call someone you both know, or only the darer knows. Don't forget to activate the speakers to prove you are actually calling someone!

  • Scream something really stupid from the top of your lungs on the street. (Don't do it where it will get you in trouble!)
  • Play music you normally don't hear (choose something really embarrassing and get it from YouTube) loudly until someone comes in your room and wait for their reaction.
  • If you want to make it flirtatious, dare them to say naughty or sexy things on the phone. Dare them to say them when another person is around and you can hear them. Use your imagination and make it hot!

An interesting variation is to use your mailbox for the dares. Have them records the dares on your mailbox.

This makes it harder (Phone Truth or Dare Double Dare so to speak) since you will be in posession of the audio recording and may show it around! Careful with this one, you never know when the revenge will come. (Like in the next turn!)

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May 13, 2013
Try facetime
by: Anonymous

Facetime (if you have it) works well too, since you can see the person doing it and it is mobile

Jun 03, 2011
Re: Dares over Phone? How to play phone Truth or Dare
by: DareDevil

Here are some nice Dares you can try over phone.

* Sing an Opera
* videotape yourself singing to a britney spears song and put it on youtube!!!
* Interview Random people about different topics showing yourself a reporter
* Dare to talk for the whole night.
* Play Rapid fire (name a word and the other should answer whatever comes in mind first)

Hope these would help you for next time.

May 29, 2014
Audio-Video Truth or Dare
by: Neo

Over the phone 'truth or dare' can be tedious. Don't drag it out too much. Just think of it like both of you are physically present—and you both can still spice it up with your naughty dares or bold truths. Try using apps with audio-video!

Feb 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

I suggest that u dare them to undress and take a pic and then put in on youtube with a video.

Go into a public bathroom and claim it whatever was in there is yours. Put it on tape. On youtube.

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