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Did You Already Get the Naughty Dares from the First Challenge?

What will you get?

I received an email of a visitor telling me the dares on my website were too easy and not sexy enough.

I thought to myself: all it takes is a little fantasy and a dirty mind, right?

Well, since I have plenty of both of them, I came up with a sexy version of seemingly innocent dares...!

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What will you need?

  • You have to be old enough
  • Someone to play the hot dares with (some of them can be done alone, but most are way more fun and hot if you do them in a group or with your partner!)
  • A good deal of dirty humour and imagination
  • A camera to catch drop-dead embarrassing moments - that's if you have the balls to actually do those dares! (Don't just read them!)


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And if you have your own adult dares or nude dares you want to share, or want to tell us your story of how you did the dares (or failed to do so - don't be a chicken!)...

Then send us your feedback below!

For each challenge (email) you do, feel free to come back here and

  • Tell us what you liked
  • What you didn't like
  • What sexy dares you wish we would add (there might be a challenge, part 3!)
  • And if your story to tell us!

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