Watch a Truth or Dare video of girls putting and rubbing their faces in whipped cream!

In this Truth or Dare Video, you can watch a classic double dare in action (in the sense that two players perform the dare together): Putting your face into whipped cream!

When doing such a dare, make sure that you spread out a blanked or towel under you or your carpet is going to get ruined. But doing the dare together with your friend will make it more fun for both of you.

Only disadvantage: you will both not see anything afterwards! At least not until you have washed your face. But at least it is tasty!

Look how in the end of the video one girl pushed the whipped cream into the face of the other again! You can imagine what sort of “battle” might be caused by teasing each other like this! Have lots of fun with it!

  • What about boys doing dares with whipped cream...?

Fun Boy on Boy Whipped Cream Dare Video

I never would have thought that guys doing a whipped cream licking dare on another guy with a hairy chest would ever be enjoyable to watch, but check out this video.


It's a really short show, but I really like how the girls are giggling like crazy in the background and the little speech that these guys have before one starts licking the whipped cream from the nipples of the other guy.

They are all like "Oh Yeah man! We are totally not gay at all!!" and the other one "Yeah Love you baby!" in an extremely "manly way" before the whipped cream licking begins.

I think there might have been really a lot of breast hair in the way and the other guy for sure will not need any dental floss tonight.

If I ever run into one gay dare I have to do with another guy or have to kiss as a boy another boy, I will be sure to mimic these guys's attitude when doing my dare.

Guys: Would you ever like to do a dare like this?


Girls: What the heck turns you on when you see a guy licking another guy's nipples?

I mean listen to those crazy laughter from the girls in the background...!

I'd love to discuss this stuff with you! Do you have a specific YouTube Truth or Dare video you want to see featured on this site?

As long as it's about dares, anything goes!

Leave me a note, a question or any interesting idea about this and we'll chat about it!

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