Bad Jokes Dare with Water Balloon Punishment

Meet another awesomely creative girl doing dares on video. This idea was particularly creative. She was standing outside in the cold, telling bad jokes to her little nieces and nephews...

And after each joke they got to throw big water balloons at her. Check out the video!

Telling one joke after the other is a pretty solid dare already. Now telling bad jokes that make you laugh is pretty hard and doing that while you are getting soaked by water balloons is a pretty hardcore dare.

So first of all: mad props to you for doing this dare.

My favorite bad jokes from her were these:
  • How do you know if a blondes been on the computer?
    Tipex on the screen
  • Two eggs in a frying pan, one turns to the other and says: "OMG its hot in there” the other one says: "OMG… A Talking Egg!”
I don't know if I love these jokes so much because they are funny or because she is struggling so hard to tell them right - while freezing and getting bombarded with water balloons.

Be sure to watch the video right to the end to see how she finally gets back at the children. ;)

I guess everyone quickly needed some warm towels after that.

Bottom line:
A great dare, great to do for all ages, especially with children and really funny jokes.

I enjoyed watching this video. When you watch it, be sure to give it a thumbs up!

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Have any ideas what dares she could do? Leave us a comment!

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Jessie's And KT's Final Dares - A Witch In The Bathtub!

by Francis

These are the last dare challenges from Messie Jessie and KT, and I actually have to jump to the last one just because I enjoyed it so much.

Don't worry, I'll feature the other dare videos here too - but first go ahead and enjoy this video, featuring a combined bathtub dare...

Was that fun or what?!

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Combine the Wicked Witch challenge

If you didn't know, that's where you enact the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the evil witch is melting

- yeah I didn't know that either ;)...

It seems this dare is getting as popular as the dancing dares are nowadays.

Now combine that with the Bath Challenge and you get fun times worthy of the final challenge of KT and Jessie.

No way, it's over already? Perhaps I can't say "already" without them putting a sock in my mouth ;) - you did awesome and have earned some rest.

KT seems to know how this is done - seriously, are you going out in this (super comfy looking, I'll give you that) super pajama? ;)

And Messie Jessie, the bathtub dare was looking pretty hot until you did the spitting. That was ew again :P

It's been a fun ride! And I hope that many visitors from here will go and check out your videos, favorite them and give them a thumbs up!

*Hint, hint, nudge, nudge*

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Girls Doing Dare Challenge Video – Part 2 – The Eating Contest.

The Truth or Dare Girls are back, now we get to enjoy having them to do one truth and one dare and a brilliant dare that is. They do this all live on YouTube. Check it out!

In this video, you actually get to see the faces of the Truth or Dare Girls a little bit more than the first challenge (where we only got to see the bottoms packed in diapers).

When you really take the time to listen to them, I think they are hilarious. They are really fun to listen to and I guess that they are even more childish than I am.

So the first guy they do a question from is actually the only one who sent them a "Truth" question.

(I guess the other people only sent them just naughty dares or crazy challenges.)

Well the truth question is pretty interesting:

“What was the worst thing you did as a child?”

Just watch the video to hear their stories which were embarrassing... or perhaps a little different then you'd think. You got to love those little sound effects they put in to video all the time, right?.

OK! Now to the Dare. “An Eating Challenge!”

This idea is actually pretty creative: you have to make a sandwich as fast as possible and eat it. At the same time you have to compete against each other.

But here is the trick: Have your hands tied behind your back all the time!

So that’s what the girls do on video and luckily they put this part of the video in fast-forward.

Because it’s really painful to watch how difficult it is, but at least they are having fun and a good bite to eat.

I love the second challenge - nice to watch. I am looking forward to see the next challenge, you girls! Go, go, go…

Oh and by the way, nice shot at the end of the video. So what do you guys think about second challenge of these crazy Truth or Dare girls?

Leave us a comment below!

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Chelsea's Dare Video

Say welcome to Chelsea! She just started doing Truth or Dare Videos. She is going to show you how to take those dares right from YouTube and do them without any hesitation.

Before you watch the video, know that she did four Dares in this video and she has succeeded with them all. So I hope you will enjoy it.

The first Dare was a classic!

“Do a shaving Cream Pie as a Dare”

Using shaving cream or whipped cream as a props for Truth or Dare is a great idea!

Because after her dare she had a shaving cream beard, I liked the comment how she said “Oh I look like Santa Claus” :D

Perhaps the next time, try doing a bigger shaving cream pie and really fling your face into this, but nice going.

The next Dare is pretty acrobatic.

“Do a backbend”

She also had to do a stuff with a feather but I didn’t really know what was going on. It was a sort of weird... But I have to say this:

Daring someone with a backbend is a classical dare that would be impossible for most guys and really easy for most girls.

So the next time you play Truth or Dare with a guy, give him this dare. You will be sure to have fun watching him crash ‘n burn.

Her third Dare has been asked by several people and seems to be popular. I still don’t like this sort of Dares but, well, here we go!

She had to do a feet Dare.

“Hold your feet into the camera for two minutes without laughing. ”

Talk about awkward.

And the last dare was really random but fun to watch.

“She had to put a deodorant on her face, do jumping jacks and did all this while telling about herself.

I guess that’s the classical Multi-tasking skill that all girls seem to have. Guys probably would stumble while doing two of the three things.

Just joking XD

But all in all, I really have to congratulate her. She did all the dares successfully and therefore she deserves a big round of applause.

If you watched the video, be sure to drop by and leave her a comment and a thumbs up.

The Good Thing!

She promised to do more Dares in future. I do hope Chelsea stays true to her promises.

We will all be waiting for more Dares from her.

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