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Belly Button Licking Contest! Guys too shy to lick each other's belly button.

Have you ever dared a guy to kiss another guy on a "Truth or Dare" night just for fun or do anything else with another guy that could be remotely embarrassing? In this belly button licking contest you will see exactly what I mean. Watch it yourself!

Did you see how much encouragement and goodwill is needed to have the guys do the dare? I liked how one of the guys was really desperate to confirm that everything is "No-homo, dude" as if it was such a big deal. I mean the less of the deal you make out of it, the less homo it actually looks like.

If you end up protesting all day long against the small little dare, like licking a belly button, you will end up looking like you wanted to overcompensate for something.


It would be one thing if the guys have big bellies without any muscles or hairy bellies that would be disgusting. Yes!

But they look pretty fit so I don't see where the problem lies. Perhaps because the girls are watching, Right? I am pretty sure that there were hot girls also else they would not do such a theater. That licking the belly button is ticklish like hell is just an added bonus for the hilariousness of the video.

Well "Hilariousness" is probably is a pretty strong word but still it may make you chuckle. Would you make such a fuss about licking a belly button of a fellow guy? Even if he looks alright and is a close friend of yours?

I am interested.

Chip in to this post and leave us a comment at the bottom. You will also be able to rate the entry as well. So don't be shy. Feel free to leave us a note.

Licking curry out of the belly button of another guy. Do you think that's a good idea?

Here is another belly button dare I found on the internet. You have to lick a spoon of curry powder out of the belly button of another guy. You can choose how strong the curry powder should taste.

The stronger the better, obviously!

Watch how these two guys try their best to be brave as they do the dare.

Unfortunately, this video is no more available on YouTube. Either the owner of the video has removed it from YouTube or changed it's permissions.

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Man! What a show. Can you believe that? That's a lot of theater for just a little lick of curry powder out of a belly button.

The guy who did the dare was pretty brave and did his best to do it. If the curry powder was hot and burned his tongue, well at least he didn't show it.

But the guy who was lying down with the curry powder filled in his belly button, Oh boy! Either he is really ticklish or really talkative. Even if the dare was nice, keep yourself together even if you are ticklish when you are a man.

What about you guys? Would you squirm and scream around like this guy, if you got your navel licked or not? If you want to make a stand and show off if you are ticklish or not, drop us a line below in the comments.

Painful Belly Button Dare - Waxing the Belly Button

Have you ever wondered how to punish a guy for not doing a dare? Do you want to see who is the most hardcore from all of your guy friends? Then check out how this guy got his belly button waxed.

I assure you from personal experience that it is painful like hell. It will make you shriek, but don't take my word for it. Watch it yourself in the video!

What punishments would you rather take than having your belly button hair removed by the waxing? This kind of puts into perspective what girls are doing for the guys when they wax their legs and other body hair? Doesn't it?

Anyways, this video was painful to watch and I wish all of you that this never happens to you and if it does or you see someone who has this happened to him, feel free to leave a comment.

Dare: Pour Water on Someone's belly button

you ever get an instruction in a game, be it from a Truth or Dare Application or because you wrote the dares down and put in to ahead. If you ever get a dare like this to put water in a belly button, do it like these guys in the video.

Don't limit yourself on how much water you can use, watch it yourself!

Do you want to have your friends scream and squeal as you put cold water on them? It is very effective if it's a very hot day and you get very cold water. Anyways, wherever you have a dare that does not limit the amount of whatever stuff you pour on whatever body party of someone else, feel free to exaggerate a lot.

It will make a good laugh for everyone and you will have much fun doing so.

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2 times the same video
by: Anonymous

Why is there a video 2 times?

looks painful
by: Anonymous

Outch to the video with the belly button waxing!!

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