Impossible drinking dare (for teens)

by Francis

Here is a dare you will never be able to do

  • Down a big ass bottle of 2 LITERS of Coca Cola!

How is this for a challenge? If you don't fail because of the sheer amount of liquid or because you have to laugh because one of your friends around you cracks a joke... there is one thing you will need to do.


I never broke the 1 L record for any fizzy drink.

And if you did it...? I have the perfect DOUBLE DARE ready for you!!

  • Right after you drink all this Coca Cola, try eating some Mentos drops!!

Seriously... don't. I am just joking.

If you don't trust me:

Here is what happens when you combine Mentos with Coca Cola.

(God I love those guys. Epic action movie out of Coke and Mentos. I wonder if I should try that out some time...?)

Just stick with beer drinking dares instead

Imagine that going on in your belly! Now you know it. Stay safe and (if your old enough) just drink beer. Then, you are safe. Sort of.

  • As long as you don't dare each other to drink that beer as fast as you can!

How fast is that?! My party would be over pretty quickly if I emptied every beer I drink like that. What is your record, did you ever time yourselves?

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Scariest Dare
by: George

Drinking is always the scariest dare to me because they sometimes tend to get really disgusting as I had once drinking a bowl of drink which was made from some left over beer, milk, sugar, salt and a sock in it. I hate it!

by: Anonymous

Have you drank a gallon of milk in an hour? I hear it's impossible... but I also hear that too much milk is toxic for your body, so chug at your own risk! IT'd be a great vid, though...

by: Anonymous

OK, the mentos and coke looks sick. Like, literally, it would make me sick.

Fake video?
by: Anonymous

OK. The beer video was unreal. I wonder if it's a fake... like if he sped up the video... Hmm...

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Acrobatic Drinking Dare Video.

by Jane

In this short video three girls had this pretty sweet idea, doing a handstand while drinking beer.

For me it would have been impossible enough to make the handstand alone and to keep it for a longer time. I guess it can help when you lean against the wall. When the other girls prepared the funnel filled with beer I was already like "Oh my God!" but apparently they succeeded.

I think all the beer would go right out of my nose when I would try drinking it upside down.

I guess it's all a question of training.

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