Watch this Truth or Dare Video: It is that easy to get kissed!

This Truth or Dare video shows how easy it can be for a guy to get close to a girl.

Since everyone will obey the Truth or Dare rules, even naughtier dares can easily be fulfilled.

The first key is to be confident when you state your dare!

When you state your dare like a question and without conviction that the “daree” will do it, you will likely fail.

  • Watch like the guy leans back and confidently repeats “I dare you!” to make his point.
  • See how the girl is only hesitating but not really resisting.

With a rock-hard conviction “it’s the rules” and “you have to do it”, you will convince the daree as well as the other players.

The second key is to convince the other players!

I explain how to do this best in my ebook!

Make the other players think that your dare and your idea will be fun. Only if they believe that, they will give positive feedback (watch for it in the Truth or Dare video!). And then peer pressure, which is the key to playing Truth or Dare will convince the daree – if there was any resistance in the first place.

If you try too hard to fulfill an agenda or plan, everybody will see right through you. Mix it up, make it fun. Do not try too hard to do yourself a favor when daring other people. For kissing dares, make it the exception of daring other people to kiss you. Instead, let them kiss someone else where it is interesting for the group to watch.

Remember, it has to be fun for the group!

After that, the game will naturally flow towards some “revenge dares” with lots of kissing involved.

That is if you dare to kiss a person!

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