Truth or Dare Game Gone Too Far

by Teddy
(United Kingdom)

A boy was dared to beat the crap out of someone

A boy was dared to beat the crap out of someone

This is the craziest truth or dare video i have ever seen. Apart from applauding its creativity it is amazing how only two people can multi role and produces a fine and explicit performance with the main theme based on the truth or dare game. This is a video for any lover of truth dare or simply a lover of comedy.

Unfortunately, this video is no more available on YouTube. Either the owner of the video has removed it from YouTube or changes it's permissions.

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The video starts with a dude (Matt) sited on a coach looking painfully bored. Next, his kid brother (Ben) comes into the room and suggests that they play a game of truth or dare to kill the boredom

Matt agrees to the idea and it is chance to be truth or dared. He chooses dare and his brother dares him to go out and beat the crap out of a hobo.

Matt accepts the challenge terming easy and proceeds to pick up a bat and "kill" a hobo. Ben further challenges Matt to drop the bat and face the hobo with his bare hands.

Matt drops the bat and heads out to find a hobo. It did not take time for him to find a hobo. He went ahead to launch an "offensive" with a mission to kill the poor hobo. However, Matt was in for a rude shock...

The little weird looking hobo Matt chose overpowered him and now it was mission impossible. Matt was now on the receiving end of the blows from the hardcore hobo. The hobo gave him some serious beating and only left him when he was sure he was down.

I guess the embarrassment that Matt made him lay there for a while even after the hobo left the scene. After building up on some courage and getting assurance that, the hobo was not in sight he got up.

He proceeded to the house while patting his chest due to the injuries he suffered from the "war" with the hobo. The hobo might have bashed his head too hard because once he got there, he even forgot to truth or dare Ben.

Matt just directly dared Ben to smoke a cigarette. Protests from Ben were useless as Matt stood his ground.

Ben had no choice but to do as asked. He went into his grand Ma’s room and took a cigarette from a drawer. As he was about to Smoke, Matt comes in dressed in an NYPD cap and arrests Ben. After this, it was again time for Matt.

Ben dares Matt to kill himself. Something is terribly wrong with this kid don’t you think? Matt accepts the challenge and pick up a gun. He places it on his head and pulls the trigger. Bam! The Screen blacks out.

Hey, I think it is important to say that Matt used a toy gun therefore; he is probably out there seeking out revenge on a hobo. The video is cool and funny. It is to go with the flow of events. This video is definitely worth your time watching.

Big ups Matt and Ben

(Photos from left to right are from: Aislinn Ritchie, peagreengirl)

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Video is not longer available
by: Francis

Sadly, the authors of this dare video put it off youtube. I hope you still can enjoy the post itself even if the video is left up to your imagination.

by: Anonymous

I just read pulled the trigger and something about kids. what happened to baseball?

by: Zee

This is crazy! Kids shouldn’t be playing truth or dare as they do not know about life and appreciate their life yet. They only want to win.

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