Meet Leda and Serena doing Dares and Cracking You up with their Laughter

I found two very special girls on YouTube, they will be sure to have you crack up with laughter and die rolling on the floor - or annoy the heck out of you. ;)

I will go with the laughter, I just like these girls. ;)

They are doing dares and they are doing them live on video. Sometimes things get a little out of scale, but everything for sure is funny.

You have to watch it to believe it. Check out the video!

The classical cinnamon challenge is hard enough as it is and actually it can be pretty dangerous if you choke on the cinnamon powder, but who cares?

Leda and Serena just eat a whole bowl of cinnamon powder... or try to do it at least. And they do not forget to have fun while doing so.

Leda inspired me to another follow up Dare for the cinnamon challenge, right here in the video.
With a face covered in cinnamon powder, just a little bit wiped off, go somewhere in public and look a little bit skeptical in the mirror, watch a passerby coming up to you and ask him like “Is there something on my face?”

Or just state “I think I am clean” when you go somewhere out in the public and got all the eyes looking at you.

Now that’s a good way to make two dares out of one fun game!

A very creative dare was to put chewing gum sticks in your nose, lift up a turtle and sing the Pokémon song in a duet.

Now beat that, talk about embarrassing unless you are a Pokémon fan of course, then it’s cool, then it’s awesome. Collect them all! ;)

Great going on a prank call too!

The dare was to call someone randomly with hidden or anonymous caller ID of course and ask for the whereabouts of your missing pineapple. Sounds random? Well! That’s the point of the dare.

After some failed trials (and now imagine if you are doing the prank call as a guy, how much failed tries you will have to do)...

Despite failing many times, it’s still fun enough to see it how they tried.

Taping your heads together, licking your cats...

Man, I think these girls are a little bit more awesome than your classical run-of-the-mill "Who-is-your-crush-Truth-or-Dare-Gamers"! :D

But I was falling almost from my chair when they did the prank call to their dad, telling him that they are pregnant.

Now that kicked balls!

Dear ladies! You have officially grown balls. (I hope you see the compliment when I say this!)

Mad props for the poor and patient dad who has to suffer these entire prank dares.

Ah, that was fun, wasn’t it?

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pokemon rocks
by: Anonymous

I got really surprised when they took out the turtle. Way to go!

hanna montana - um weird?
by: Anonymous

Your Hannah Montana comment into the camera weirded me out :D

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Trying The Cinnamon Dare And Doing A Spitting Fight Instead.

Have you missed Leda and Serena? I know I have missed their goofing around. There was so much fun with the cinnamon challenge last time that there must be a sequel. Well let me stop talking and just start watching.

Check out the video!

Have you ever seen such a mess? I know these girls have never been bored - ever.

(You have to take a closer look at video after 1 minute is passed.)

If I did not know how painful this must have been to choke on the cinnamon powder, I wouldn’t laugh... but it’s just too hilarious to see the combination of the cinnamon powder cannon from Serena combined with little shrieks of Leda, trying hard not to choke on this challenge.

Awesome tricks meet cuteness is that their idea to hanging out? Wow.

I am sure they would not know the word boredom at all and that’s also where all that spitting starts. It was very innocent when they just clean their mouths.

With all the laughter, well, one thing leads to another. They must be pretty close if they are able to spit on each other without being disgusted even once. I would, normally, but it’s just funny to watch, you sort of forget about being disgusted.

So if you ever considered doing the cinnamon challenge, just think about that. "It will kill you dead." :D

Yeah that’s a quote.

When you see at the end of the video is just a touching display of female "dudes" friendship.

High-fives, chest bumps, burp contests, everything.

I have got to invite these girls for a beer sometime. But perhaps I couldn’t handle all the laughter and I would perhaps break my cheeks from laughing all the time.

No, that wouldn’t be good. Wouldn’t it? ;)

While I am looking up another Truth or Dare videos of the girls, if they have any - why don’t you feel free to leave us a comment?

Say hello to both of the girls, leave them a thumbs up on YouTube and see if we can up with more really fun ideas for them to do in a possible future Truth or Dare video.

I will be sure to send these girls a link to this post so that they can pick whichever dare they want to do most. Perhaps yours will get featured. So post away!

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Leda, Serena and Chubby Bunny

Its Leda and Serena again back with Chubby Bunny, one of the classic games that can be played instead of Truth or Dare. Using mini marshmallows, they ended up being able to make a bigger mess than I would ever able to be.

As always the challenge is not hard as funny as how they are goofing around all the time and see the chubby bunny marshmallow machine gun in action, you would have to jump to 4th minute of the video to see that. Just watch the video!

They are lucky that they play in the bathroom, perhaps they knew that it would end up in a mess or they wanted it to end up in a mess. But anyways, since they love count we will never know if they could beat us in chubby bunny contest or would we?

If the marshmallows are so tiny like in the video, how many could you fit in your mouth without doing a machine gun of course? I guess the chubby bunny challenge is specially hard to do if your friends try to crack you up all three seconds and you do crack up.

Since cheeks were chubby so I guess the challenge is successful.


Do you love Dare version of Chubby Bunny? Feel free to give us cheers in comments and don’t forget to bring up this game on your next party.

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