Fresh Truth Or Dare Video. Another Girl Who Does Dares On Demand. Check It Out.

Although this video is rather long, here we have again a Truth or Dare player who does some dares and truths live on camera. She does five and picks them randomly out of her hat, but I don’t want to spoil anything, just watch the video.

Unfortunately, this video is no more available on YouTube. Either the owner of the video has removed it from YouTube or changed it's permissions.

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With two truth questions and three dares, it’s a pretty fair distribution for this game.

The first truth question is:

If you could choose a band to join, which one would it be?

She chooses a band which I have not heard at all to be honest, but it looks dark, weird but fun in a nice way if that make sense. The feeling I get from the picture she showed us for band really goes very well to her. She seems to be kind of crazy but fun herself.

The other truth question is referring to the popular “Harry Potter” movie and what house she would choose, if she played in the movie. When I said, she sort of has a dark aura, you can guess which house it is. Can you?

For the Dares, now we are talking

Dare No. 1: Tie your belt around your bared stomach and touch your toes.

She did it really easily, but I guess that this dare is first of all forcing her to show her stomach and second of all, if she didn’t have the good figure she has, she would had trouble reaching her toes and perhaps her fans were looking forward to seeing her sit down and touch her toes and not doing all this while standing up.

Anyways, the 2nd dare for her is to stub a stuff toy pretending she is a giant. I have to admit that I was raising my eyebrows when I saw her doing this dare and I think this is probably a request from someone who has a weird giant fetish perhaps, but anyways since she and her teddy bear made up again afterward, I think the whole scene was pretty cute.

For the last dare which took most of the time from this video is to melt an ice cube on her stomach in three minutes.

My honest opinion:
She was rather brave while doing this dare. I have seen another video where a girl really had trouble with this dare.

The good things to know, she succeeded in doing the three minutes with ice cube without too much hassle. The ice cube took three minutes to melt which is a nice thing to know and well like many people doing dares you wish that time would pass faster.

All in all, very well done. I really enjoyed the video and I hope you enjoy being featured on our blog as a real truth or dare star. I will check out your other videos and if I like them I will feature them too.

To all visitors:
Do give her a Thumbs up on YouTube and check out if you use twitter. She has a twitter account and you can follow her here.

Since I’ll be showing the author of the video of this post when it is done, feel free to add your personal dares you wish this girl would do in the comments.

Dear dark dare girl!
If you are reading this, feel free to drop me a note. My truth or dare blog lives from people like you who are doing and playing truth or dare over video, chat, email, facebook, twitter and of course at parties in the real.

Have a nice one.


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Nice Video!
by: Sprinterboi

Very good video, and you seem to be a very nice girl as well.

she's fun :D
by: Jeff

I like her already. Are there more dares that she did on video?

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