Teenage Girls does best ice cube dare video ever

by Bryan
(Miami FL / USA)

I found a great YouTube video from a teenage girl doing a cool ice cube dare. She had to put these ice cubes in her underwear, in her top and her panties and keep it there for over a minute. Just watch it, it is hilarious.

The mean thing is, the girl holds here ice cubes much longer than one minute because the other girl only started the timer after all the ice cubes have been set. So she held out for about three minutes with all ice cubes, poking out of her top and bottom.

From the hilarious reaction of the girl, hopping around and whimpering "Ooh it hurts, it hurts my butt." It's obvious that this is one extreme ice cube dare, but I would never do that because with her great pants, it really looks like that she wet herself.

How many ice cubes did she put in her clothes anyway and how did they all fit like 10 or something? If I ever do a dare like this, I would never let them lock me in and always try to make sure I have an escape root open which she didn't.

Pretty cruel and mean from her friends, isn't it?

Guys, this really looks painful, I am not really sure, can you get hurt by putting ice cubes for minutes on your naked skin. I mean she put them on her privates and I think those are pretty sensitive places. Well perhaps she is a hardcore dare girl and had some more stuff like that on her body so she is used to it?

But when I see her dancing around with these weird crab-like movements and finally run to the toilet like she would be taking a huge dump...

I don't think this was so easy.

Honestly, before I do a dare like that I would prefer running naked around the house.

Would you do this dare on camera?

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I wanna do this
by: Izzy.m1738

Lol this is sooooooooo easy its like takimng a candy from a baby.just I wanna know how many ice did she use(I'm a nice ne year to ld daredevil deal with it)

Ice Cube Plus
by: Big Daddy

The worst part of this dare is not really the ice on your privates. It's all the really embarrassing faces and noises you end up making while the ice is there. Trust me, I know.

Of course there was one college party when, after liberal libations, we ramped this one up a bit. I have a lady friend who, to this day, cannot look at a popsicle without crossing her legs and blushing.

by: Anonymous

I would do it but probably die afterwards. XD
I mean that looks really really painful. Owwwwiiieeeee.

Ice Cube Dare
by: Anonymous

Here is another great ice cube dare idea...

Put an ice cube on your stomach, and keep it on as it melts. Your partner has to keep iron there using only their tongue.

It gets harder as it melts!

too coooold XD
by: Anonymous

I would die and scream if someone would do that to me!!

Way too sensitive to cold

not really that brave
by: Francis

It's fun to watch but the girls really should try to keep their cool (no pun intended). ;)

by: Anonymous

wouldnt her boobs just freeze off? ;)

by: Neo

Privies are very sensitive and I bet you will regret that kind of dare—if ever you’ll do that. But, hey, try and see for yourself. You know—it can’t hurt you that much if you try it for once ;)

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