KT and Jessie doing the human footstool dare

Another day, another challenge! Meet Messie Jessie and KT again, this time doing a particularly humiliating dare. It’s time for the human footstool and as KT puts it, the smaller one always gets a crap. So she has to be the stool and Messie Jessie is giving a lot of different instructions on how to do a footstool dare. It’s a fun watch so checkout the video yourself.

The first thing that jumped to my mind is why Jessie is just phoning away while she is using KT’s back as a footstool. Just like a Queenwood. Who is Bob and did she tell Bob what she was doing while she was phoning with him?

Each pose had to be hold for at least a minute, but I think both girls had so much fun with the dare that they took more time. Even it was fast-forwarded I think that each pose was longer than a minute specially when Jessie was on the phone and when she was taking out the shaving cream.

I was pretty shocked to see her, just shaving her legs like nothing happens on the stool that was KT. I would have covered my face too. It’s just too much embarrassment to take. I am sure that they are both pretty close friends so it is clear that they enjoy teasing each other a lot.

I wonder how they behave in real life. Is KT normally doing what Jessie says? Or on the other hand I can really imagine that she is the mastermind behind the all this act and pulling the strings to this dare. I would love to know.

Anyways the last position was just too mean. Doing this footstool dare in public while KT is wearing diapers and wiggling her ass is just too cruel to be done.

I am pretty sure you set a new record there! This one will be tough to imitate or to even surpass. I wonder what’s in it for us next. Can’t wait what is the next challenge they are bringing.

To The Person Reading This

Yes, that's you!

I have one question, and want to read your answer in the comments:

For how much money would YOU do the same dare? Especially the public dare?

For me it would be quite a high amount of money but perhaps we have more daring people here.

Drop by and leave a note.

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by: anon

I raise the bit to 10$ to have someone sit on me ;)

i'm cheap
by: aone

1 dollar

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