The Classic Love Story

by Dominic

A classic love story involving two twins

A classic love story involving two twins

This is an awesome video worth watching. It is fun and creative and you can easily relate to it. In addition to this, the video is unique as it lets the viewer choose between it being a comedy or a soap opera.

In the first scene, there is a hot lady and an equally attractive dude in a room in what at first sight seems like a compromising position. On further viewing, you notice that the dude is in some very deep trouble.

Unfortunately, this video is no more available on YouTube. Either the owner of the video has removed it from YouTube or changed it's permissions.

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His wife called Sara is beating the crap out of his beau. From the many bruises in Austin’s face, it is clear that Austin has really pissed Sara off. Normally women wear such a face when they find out that their beau has cheated on them.

The funny part about this is that his “Secret” leaked through the popular party game Truth or dare. Sara and Austin were playing the game and unbelievably Austin exposed the secret that he once had a romantic relationship with Sara’s twin sister Julia. You wonder what the hell was Austin thinking.

This dumb move had caused Austin all these chaos. Austin’s head must have been bashed too hard as he further revealed that he had the relationship before he and Sara were an item. This causes more rage and more slaps fall on his already sore face.

It does not end there. The doorbell rings and with regard to the context you expect the evil twin Julia to step in. However, this does not happen and instead two weird looking cops step in.

The drama now continues but this time, it is Sara on the nasty end. The cops rough her up and she is dumped in a psychiatric hospital. At this moment, it is clear that Austin owes his “life” to the cops. If it were not for the cops, battery to death would have been the cause of death at the coroner.

The soap opera part if the story is revealed when it is made known that this was the work of Julia. Sara seemed tough but Julia wins this duel for Austin with her scheming and cunning method of getting rid of her sister and talking her place. Love is wicked, and if you cannot stand its heat you better get the hell out less Julia comes for you.

The video ends with the very hot Julia going to Austin’s place make the best use of her sister’s absence. This is a classic Mexican soap opera as Julia reveals that the chaos involving the cops was also due the truth or dare game. Austin had earlier dared Julia to get rid of her sister and Julia did just that.
It is hilarious how what started as a complicated situation ended up being a perfect comedy with excellent enactment. If you are a fan of comedies or soap operas, believe me you will enjoy every moment of this video.

Photos from left to right are from:
Andrew Imanaka

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Twins Effect
by: T-ara

Wow, the twins really look alike! Maybe that was why the guy makes out with his wife’s twin sister! I think the sister needs to be responsible as well.

Awesome Video
by: DareDevil

Very funny and entertaining video, Austin is a lucky man, I think Julia is the perfect contingency plan for him. This should be the New Innovative version of the Double Dare :-D

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How To Not Do a Double Shaving Cream Dare.

Hey it’s another YouTube Truth or Dare video review. Again we have tons of shaving cream, two courageous girls and the classical shaving cream dare waiting for you.

But this time it comes with a little twist.

How would you expect two players to do the dare at the same time?

Countdown from 3,2,1 and go.


Check out how these girls are doing it!

That made me laugh, I have to remember that one. Just count to THREE, wait what happens and laugh at the person who does it first. Only works once per person though. ;)

Do you know what would have been even meaner?

If the girl on the left would have waited for the other girl to realize that she was the only one who did the dare and then plants the next shaving cream pie in her face too. That would have an unexpected surprise. :)

But no need to ruin your friendship over a Dare. Especially since shaving cream goes off so easily.

Why don’t you try it out yourself?

The Dare is simple but a lot of fun.

To the girls who did this Dare:

Nice going ladies!

Is there a trick not to get shaving cream up your noses? :D Perhaps for the next time.

Oh and for your question!

Yeah sure we are HAPPY :)

It’s nothing more fun than seeing people do Dares for real.

Do you know what your look reminds me at the end of the video where you have the shaving cream all over your face...?

You sort of look little bit like the Anonymous masks!

So don’t get into any trouble when you think of running out looking like this.


Just joking XD

To the Visitors

If you liked the video as much as I have, go over and give them a thumbs up. Its only one click and I am sure that they will appreciate it a lot.

And Girls!

If you are reading this post, please do leave us a comment and let us know if you liked this video review.

For the next time you do this shaving cream Dare, leave the shaving cream ON and run out of your room to scare someone!

That will be fun ;)

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How Drinking out of belly button is not always fun?

I stumbled upon this video when I searched for belly button dares and as a nice punishment for not doing the dare for example, you can ask someone a drink, in fact a surprise drink out of the belly button of a fairly fat belly. Do you want to know what I mean? Watch the video yourself!

What I liked most about the video was not so much the idea of the dare which is to drink something out of the belly button of a person. I really liked the way how this person is filming the video was encouraging. The person was dared to finish his dare. Take the time to watch it again.

Do you have trouble to get people to do your dares or people reluctant to do dare and looking for excuses and just chicken out. I think most of the charm of a good dare game is to really follow through and do the dares, so the example of the voice which can be heard in this video is pretty good.

You have to be determined to get someone else to do a nasty dare. You need to be the authority to convince them when they are already giving up. Are you someone who would say someone like: “Oh OK! You don’t need to do the dare, it’s OK, It’s enough? and you shouldn’t be.” Just have them do the dare already.

Depending on what drink it is, it will not be so bad. A belly button can only get so dirty even if the person from whose belly button you are drinking is fat. Don’t worry about it. Just do the dare.

Would you be willing to drink out of someone’s belly which looks like in the video? Leave us a comment.

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How to not do a belly button drink dare

Here is a short video where the dare is to drink out of the belly button of another person.

I was a little bit disappointed because the guy didn’t really do the dare. You didn’t see how much drink it was. You didn’t even see what sort of drink it was, perhaps it was only water and even if it looked hot outside the guy on the left should not have been too sweaty.

Why on earth you do not do the dare? Does the water in his belly taste so disgusting or why the dared person did the dare you realized that is disgusting and he didn’t finish the dare.

Seriously the amount of water that fits in belly button is much less than a shot of a drink. And even if a shot is way too strong for you, you will just down it anyways. Won’t you?

Did you ever back away from doing a belly button drinking dare? Did you ever try out doing a belly button drinking dare? It’s simple as fun and you can do it all year long anywhere. Let’s get this discussion rolling.

Belly button drinking dare!

Yes or No???

Leave us a comment!

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Truth or Dare- the Nerd version

by Melvin
(United states)

Dare someone to call his crush when drunk...

Dare someone to call his crush when drunk...

This video is for anyone who loves fun. The video involves some three crazy dudes who challenge each other to do some outrageous stuff in the name of truth or dare. The funny and crazy part is that they are not selective in the stuff they can dare each other to do to do...

Adam is the main character in this video. He is funny and has some very weird sounding voice. He keeps on repeating the word "may be i will" the entire time. Adam’s pal dares him to call his six-grade crush.

Adam accepts the challenge and picks up the phone to call Suzie, his crush. It is clear from how he communicates with Suzie that he is dude someone down on his social skills. Moreover, from how he says some not so cool stuff it is certain that Adam is still a virgin.

Never will a normal guy openly spill out to his crush how he is so into her and stuff. Nevertheless, this is what exactly did. He went on lamenting how he has loved Suzie for a long time. In addition to this, Adam further confesses that he has a real life picture of Suzie in his bedroom that he occasionally makes out with Eeeeew!

However funny this may seem, you are yet to reach the climax. While Adam was busy exposing his long kept secret, he was yet to know who was on the other side of the line. And Hell no! It was not Suzie nor her sister or even mother. It was Suzie’s dad.

After knowing this instead of him hanging up, he went on asking if the date with Suzie’s dad is confirmed, dumb. After Adam the "genius”, it was now time for Trevor. Adam dares Trevor to eat meat, easy you might think. However, to Trevor that was the hardest thing he could do, as Trevor a veggie.

The scene changes to the kitchen and Trevor are watching the meat as if is some Alien straight from Pluto. This goes on for about an hour and still Trevor stands by his guns and refuses to gobble the meat. The other boy form the trio comes from nowhere and snatches away the meat. What a relief for Trevor.

When it was time for the last of the trio to play, he chooses truth. He was asked if he was to choose whom between Hillary Clinton and Britney spears who would he take out for a date. The dude chooses Hillary Clinton over the hot Britney Spears. Come on! Such a choice is okay for Bill Clinton or a blind and deaf dude!

Our “genius” Adam is next again, this time he chooses truth and is asked to say the weirdest places he has taken a piss on. From the sick places he gives Adam is some very screwed up dude.

Apparently, Adam has pissed on

• The boot of a car
• He made River Nile on a tree near the garage
• Some strange looking old guy, wicked!

Adam then truth or dares Trevor and Trevor chooses Dare. He then gives Trevor some greenish looking liquid to drink. He says that it is poison and one wonders why someone can give a pal poison to drink. Unfortunately, stupidity is Trevor middle name and he takes the drink and drinks it all.

He then starts wobbling around and bam! He is down. This is the moment when one of the boys suggests that maybe they should have stopped playing truth or dare. Adam seeing the unfolding events for once behaves like a normal teenager and creeps out of this complicated situation.

The video was smart and well acted. The characters were perfect for each of the role they played therefore the video is great and worth your time watching.

(Photos from left to right are from: pescatello, ragesoss, music2work2)

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by: Haha

I am glad that the game was acted according to script. I couldn’t imagine drinking poison as the dare. Nerds are scary.

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Epic Dancing Dare Challenge

Here is another episode of “Dancing Dares.”

This time with three guys that really do an epic job grooving around! It’s hard to describe in words just how well they danced. You have to watch the video first.

Here it is!



I mean that these guys have everything.
  • They have creative dare moves.
  • They have butt shaking.
  • They do push-ups.
  • They dance in formation together on the moving stairways.
And in all scenes, they seem to have tons of fun. Even the music voiceover in the video seems real the way these guys shaking it.

The real awkwardness only comes out when you vividly imagine that they are in a shopping center with total strangers - and there is no music playing out there at all.

At least they don’t get into trouble (or it’s not shown in the videos). Most of the people are getting nicely along with them.

But just think about it, how long these guys might have been dancing in a shopping center to cut together all these scenes? They must have been at it for hours!

Mad props to the guys!

I was almost choking with laughter when one of the guys did this break dancing moves on his belly right behind an elderly woman. She didn’t have a clue what was happening!

All in all:

Epic success.

Really awesome job on those dancing dare challenge. Even if you guys got caught sometimes you deserve big respect.

Who else would have the balls to do a dancing dare challenge in the same way as you guys...?

Any takers?

Leave a comment if you have done a dancing dare!

Or if you would do one.

Or even if you think you would never be as courageous as to do a dancing dare like this.

Still leave us a comment!

Perhaps WE can convince yourself otherwise. ;)

Comments for Epic Dancing Dare Challenge

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it's on
by: Francis

Sounds like a contest! I think the guys are more courageous, so they will naturally do stuff like this more often than girls ;)

Who's with me? :D

Check This out
by: Anonymous

Well done guys!

you guys really did a phenomenal job with this Dare, in fact Ellen's Dare is getting viral these days and you will be found a lot of similar videos on YouTube.

As I said that you guys are great, but now it's the girls turn. Check out how these sexy girls doing the same dare in a shopping mall.

Although I have embedded the YouTube video, but still I am not sure that will it work or not because I can't see it on this post. Nonetheless Here is the Video URL:

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Dare Or Dare? You Have No Choice!

Do you like to play Truth or Dare? I thought so and if you mostly pick Dare anyways, why not play “Dare or Dare?”

Meet this nice group of young fellows that plays this game “Dare or Dare?” and watch their dares in action.

To make things fair, the group uses an old trick which in my opinion everyone should do who plays truth or dare. Write down your Dares beforehand in a way that no one else can see them and put them together in a hat.

It can happen that you have to do your own dares too so be careful what you write down. This has many advantages at every level so you should play this way every time.

What sort of dares did you expect?

I thought the Dares were innocent and cute.

·   Spinning in a circle 35 times and then walk on a straight line!

That is a classic dare or children’s game but always fun to watch specially if one of your most serious friend plays that dare.

·   Finding your partner blindfolded by touching!

This can be naughty depending where you are looking for on your partner. If you are grabbing butts, then it’s more on the naughty side. If you are grabbing hands or hair then it’s more on a clean side. Your choice!!!

·   The handstand Dare!

Where you have to do a handstand and say out loudly the whole a, b, c... alphabet. Just take some stamina and arm strength. If you get a girl you have a good chance that you will beat her easily because most of the girls simply can’t do handstand.

So make it a handstand for guys and if it’s a girl, let her do push-ups while she does the same dare. I haven’t met many girls who can do many push-ups. Both will be fun to watch.

·   Make up a Rap and sing for your girlfriend!

The nice finale is when the blonde guy makes a rap to show his love for his girlfriend. That’s a very sweet and special moment of this video which is why I liked it at first place.

So if you play Truth or Dare with your boyfriend and don’t know what Dares to do, this is a good one. Make up a rap song for 30 seconds that shows your love for your partner. In principal you just make up a rhyme, a little poem and act is as a rapper.

If you want to make it even good, change your clothing and the whole surroundings accordingly. Take a mic, record the whole thing and put it on YouTube that everyone sees how much you love your girlfriend.

Now that’s a true Dare that your girl will love and all the other girls will be so envious of your girlfriend.

What do you think?

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Dare Challenge on Video: Speed mayonnaise eating contests.

This very entertaining video is almost professional and shows four guys are having fun, eating actually a whole jar of mayonnaise.

Check it out!

Unfortunately, this video is no more available on YouTube. Either the owner of the video has removed it from YouTube or changed it's permissions.

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I just love how they created this little movie with the entertaining music in the background and the colors and facial mimics of these guys. Can you believe they actually eat the whole jar of mayonnaise? That is seriously disgusting.

Even eating a whole spoon of mayonnaise would already be totally acceptable dare to do. Was I the only one who really enjoyed how the guy in the middle tries to give crackers to both challengers all the time? I think we have some real potential for extreme Daremasters here. They seem to stop at nothing.

Perhaps it's also the British accent. I mean everything with the British accent is always more entertaining. But then taking this mayonnaise eating contest so seriously. Brilliant, really nice. Take home message for everyone who tries to eat the whole jar of mayonnaise. Have some crackers ready, try to wash it out down by drinking and speed spoon it into your mouth as fast as possible.

Try not to vomit else you will eat the whole disgusting mayonnaise all over again. (Eeeww!)
Let's not talk about all the calories are in this fatty mayonnaise.

At least the winner got some free crackers, that was totally worth it. Or wasn't it?

Comments for Dare Challenge on Video: Speed mayonnaise eating contests.

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by: Anonymous

I HATE mayo! if I eat it I immediately puke my guts out!!

Hats Off to you Guys
by: DareDevil

Love the idea of eating a full jar of mayonnaise. For me the best thing is the background countdown music.

Hats off to you guys!

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