Truth or Dare Video Scene from a Movie

by Maria
(Texas, USA)

Look out for girls whispering in truth or dare!

Look out for girls whispering in truth or dare!

The scene of this video is actually taken from a 1996s Movie called "Truth or Dare", where four young adults, two guys and two girls are sitting next to a cozy fireplace.

At the very beginning of the movie, one of the guys is removing his pants and the other one is already topless. They obviously have a lot fun playing as they giggle a lot and since it's the beginning they start out with some mild Truth questions revealing embarrassing secrets from one of the girls.

Actually they are playing a special variant of Truth or Dare, which they call Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Love, Kiss or Hate and off course one of the girls dares one guy to kiss the other. Now this is where it gets interesting. Both girls are obviously really fascinated about this whole scene.

The guy goes in and kisses the other guy on the cheek, so the girls are protesting that this is not a proper kiss. Surprisingly the guy who was kissed on the cheek grabs the other guy and goes in for an intense french kiss.

I love how he says after that: "I know you loved it" in a sarcastic tone.

Next, the guy returns fire and one girl chooses "Hate" so they asked her: "Who do you hate most in the world". In reply she goes on and on and rumbles like a psycho about how she hates this one person... And although every one is laughing (sort of) you can see the discomfort in their eyes.

So they are happy to switch back to the "double dare" of the guy who was kissed on the lips. Now it gets really mean, the psycho girl dares him to hold his hand over the fireplace till a count of three. So the guy tries it but the mean thing is that the girl does not count three seconds and takes a long time to count 1... 2... 3.

As the guy is in pain, he has pulled back his hand before the count of three is over and as a penalty he to remove his shirt.

The next guy chooses "kiss" when asked and the hot girl tells him to kiss the psycho girl. Instead of doing this, he just removed his socks just as if he wants to answer "I am not kissing that girl and doing the penalty right away!"

Off course, the psycho girl is offended by that and while laughing she mounts him in an erotic way, she leaves in for a deep kiss and they continue kissing with loud noises for at least a minute.

While they are kissing, the hot girl and the guy who reacted in a cool manner to the kiss of the other guy, are the only who are left. They are flirting very intensely with their eyes and the guy asks the hot girl "Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Love, kiss or hate?".

As she chooses "Love", she has to admit who she loves the most. And she tells a lie which he looks through and she has to remove her top.

What I really liked a lot about this video and why I would recommend watching this movie "Truth or Dare", which was released in 1996, is how they flirt with their eyes and have very strong expressions. You can really see what's going on inside of those people and also the situations are really realistic so there are some sort of kissing involve, a lot of flirting, a lot of sexual tension in the air, just like you would expect from a very good game of "Adult Truth or Dare".

Did you watch this movie? What do you think about it?

Photos are from calleecakes and Homo Eяectus and M@rg

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Turned On
by: Danny

Just by reading your post turns me on and I immediately click on the video. Thanks, mate!

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