Girls Doing Dares on Demand

Dares are fun! I am basing that from my own experience and I bet you agree with me on that! Especially if you are playing a game of Truth or Dare with girls doing dares on demand!

These two girls are exactly what I am talking about. The dares are definitely must-try in every game of Truth or Dare! Here are the following that I like:

  • The one where she was asked to put her foot in the toilet bowl.
  • The dare that asked one girl to jump up and down her bed while eating carrot sticks.
  • And of course, the very witty "touch your tongue" dare they performed! Admit it, you we're already hanging on your seat while waiting!

These are not the only dares you can do. Like the girls, be imaginative and out-of-this-world when playing Truth or Dare! You'll never know what the dared person will do, it's always a good idea to describe your dare very carefully!

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Truth or Dare in Prison Video Clip

A Truth or dare serum!!! What??? There's a serum like that? Where can I buy one?! Please tell me now, Officer McNeil! Having a truth or dare serum might be the best thing to happen to any truth or dare game ever played! Even if it is not a truth or dare in prison!

A well-made video. This one really showed how one can get into the extreme while trying to maneuver his way out of answering a truth question. Who says there are no consequences in telling the truth?

Officer McNeil was subjected to...

  • eat dog biscuit,
  • calling someone who he really likes to tell her how much he hated her and
  • having to kiss boys

Those were fun dares to watch!

Are there greater consequences you can face while avoiding the truth? I must say there are a plenty of things that can be dared!

  • Licking dirt
  • drinking an expired soda can
  • and showing your butt to some random girl or guy

...are some of the possible things that you might face. Well, it all depends on how generous your friends are! But, really are they your friends?

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50 Cent Plays Truth or Dare with Rachael Ray

Here is the video of the Hip Hop superstar 50 Cent playing Truth or Dare on Television.

This is not something you would have expected...


But still it’s true. Watch it yourself.

I am not sure if he knew what was coming for him. But to quote Rachael, she said:

“I am scared of the Dares because I know my staff - and they are sick.”

What I was thinking was:

I have gotta play Truth or Dare with this staff sometimes!

Anyways, 50 Cents gets really lucky, he gets two truths in a row while Rachael gets a Dare each time.

His first Truth question is:
  • What’s your most embarrassing moment so far?
Do you really want to know the answer?

Got watch the video. :P

(But it's more about an accident than something he may have done wrong.)

And Rachael gets a really fun Dare in my opinion. She has to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with a helium balloon voice.

This is an awesome prop for Truth or Dare!!

You can have so much fun with a helium balloon. If you can get your hands on one before the next party, DO IT!

Seriously, a helium balloon can be enough for a whole themed party. I know - I have been on one. :)

Anyways, the next Truth question to 50 Cent is a little bit more juicy.
  • If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?
Like a real man, 50 Cent just tells the truth!

He would be - and I quote - “sexually delinquent”.

Gotta take some time to imagine that one.


Rachael gets another Dare!

“Show 10 seconds of your best dance moves!”

She loses her temper and she quickly decides to just use the opportunity to get a good grab of 50 Cent.

Lucky Girl!

That wasn’t really dancing. She cheated. ;)

To make sure that 50 Cents gets at least two other Dares to do, she just removes all the Truths from the spinning wheel.

50 Cent’s Dares
  • Stick a spoon on your face for 5 seconds.
In my opinion this is a really simple Dare and not so embarrassing at all, but audience finds it hilarious.

Perhaps an insider joke!

I don’t know.

And the last dare was easy, at least for most guys.
  • Give me 10 push-ups.
Easy stuff!

So 50 Cent "wins" this Truth or Dare game. He does not chicken out of anyone of these and does his Dares with ease, but he had to do easy Dares.

He WOULD have chickened out if he would be playing with some people I know (like Ben, the Dare-Master).

So was this game really fair?

Bottom line:

If someone like 50 Cent, the superstar, can play Truth or Dare on television without finding it embarrassing, there is no reason why you can’t do it. No matter what’s your age.

What did you say? You don’t like 50 Cent?

I don’t really care! He is way more cool and more popular than any regular Joe. So what he does, matters a little bit more than what the regular joe would think.

What do you say?

Feel free to leave us a comment! :)

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Hilarious Lord of the Rings Truth or Dare Video!

by Francis

Man I just laughed tears... Check this out:

That has to be one of the funniest Truth or Dare video parodies of the the Lord of the Rings - ever! I mean, where did they get that music?

I almost laughed more because of the music than because of the story.

Some jokes are classics, like how Wormtongue never gets picked and no one loves the poor guy.

Some dares are just great:

  • Sam: Eomer, Truth or Dare?

  • Eomer: Dare

  • Aragorn (sarcastic face) He always chooses dare!

  • Sam: I dare you to kiss your sister!

  • Theoden (matter-of-a-fact-face): He does that all the time!

And how everyone breaks out "laughing" after hearing about Legolas' crush...
Man, the person who has done this video must have watched the Lord of the Rings 1000 times to find all these great screenshots and facial expressions to make up this video.

Happy end?

Gollum: We chooses dare? Pucker up, Master! Here we come...!

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TayTay & Destery's Dare Home Video

Meet TayTay & Destery!

We got to know each other when talking on twitter about truth or dare and they were excited to have one of their video featured on

It's very well made so I am proud to present their Truth or Dare Challenge to you.

Check it out now!

Unfortunately, TayTay & Destery have deleted the video from YouTube. It was great to watch, but perhaps was too embarrassing for them.

I had much fun while watching this video and it's pretty clear that both of them are NO NEWBIES when it comes to Truth or Dare. Especially their prank call is pretty legendary from my point of view.

Normally you would just giggle and hide under your table after one prank call.

No! Not with TayTay & Destery!

After trying to prank call once with a fake voice and a creepy story, she didn't give up. Keeping a straight face almost all the time, she keeps pranking and pranking and prank calling the poor guy.

Hats off!

For the Alphabet Dare:

The challenge was to say the alphabets backwards as fast as possible. Here is my suggestion for the next time.
"Record the time you need and do the dare one after the other. See who wins: the looser has to do a dare the winner gives to her."

How that sounds for the next challenge?

(And you can always jump on one leg while doing the dare!)

For the last dare where the challenge was to eat a mixture of sugar, salt and pepper together. I have got a really bad conscience. Well, I also laughed a lot - but I also have sort of a guilty conscience about it.

To be honest I came up with this dare myself and posted it on the website but I never did it myself. I was not aware of how disgusting it actually is.

But you tested/tasted it!

Hats off to you who were my "Guinea-pigs" and actually did the dare.

Now I know it's safe to do and really really cruel >:)

But I can now also show and prove with your video that it can be done.

I hope that having your video featured here on dareupyourparty will give your YouTube video many hits.

Dear Visitors!

Take a second and jump over to the video...

give them a Thumbs up and be sure to follow both of them on twitter if you use it.

The links again are:


And I hope they will be willing to do another Dare challenge next time! If you want to get featured again or just want to spend a afternoon of fun - let me know!.

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Pierced Girls Doing the Belly Button Challenge

There are a lot of creative dares out there but I was surprise to watch this one particularly. Did you know about the Belly Button challenge? You will after watching this video.

The Belly Button Challenge is easy and a dare you can do yourself at home. You need a moist Q-tip and a belly button. That’s it. Oh yes! You also need your nose.

To do the belly button challenge, you need to clean out your belly button with moist Q-tip, sniff it and then describe how it smells like. You can also mix-up the dare and smell each other’s Q-tip if you are up for it.

To be honest, just after I watched the video I did the dare myself just to get out of curiosity and I have to admit my Q-tip didn’t smell like anything. Either my nose is bad or I have a clean belly button and I am a guy, by the way.

Anyways, the belly button can be fun for dares which is really safe for everyone and all ages to do and appropriate, but still can be funny, embarrassing and awkward.

Just imagine showing your belly button there is a piece of lint in it or doing the belly button challenge and your Q-tip looks really dirty, that would be embarrassing.

Anyways these girls said that their Q-tips smelled either like metallic smell or like contact lens cleaning solution.

I am sure that for the girls, this came from the piercings and I would be really surprised if anyone’s belly button would smell like something metallic.

Watching this video has given me a lot of new ideas. All set it around the belly button, perhaps I might do my own video for it.

I don’t know how much would you like that and how do your belly button smell? I will love to hear about it. Leave us a note in the comments.

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