Girls doing the Dare Challenge - Part 3, Dog face licking dare

The courageous dare girls are back again and today they have at least one assistant more for their dares. A cute white puppy dog. You know what’s coming? It’s the infamous dog dare. What’s the dog dare? You best watch the video.

What do you need for the dog dare?

Pick one of the followings:

  • Whipped cream
  • Mustard
  • Peanut butter
  • Or anything else that can be smeared onto your face and that your dog loves to eat

And of course, you need a dog. Better not the biggest one you can find, but a cute and fluffy one and above all you need patience… lots of Patience. The dog dare requires you to stay completely still. Do not react at all while the dog licks off the food from your face.

I think the girls are doing pretty great job. Although they are completely still, I bet it tickles like hell. They are taking this dare pretty great.

(I mean, I like dogs. I really like them, but I do not like when they lick my face. It’s just… you know… it’s the dog-like smell… I sort of don’t like that. Else I am totally pro dog.)

So big props to these girls to keeping up their challenges. I am really really excited to watch the next one. I guess they are still gathering more suggestions for their dares.

So if you leave a comment here, I will assure to contact them and send them all dare ideas to their way. Perhaps your dares will be chosen for the next dare challenge. Stay tuned in and if you have an idea or question, don’t hesitate to whip out a line and leave it to us in the comments.

To the girls:

Give my regards to the cute puppy dog and to the mysterious 3rd person who is holding the camera. Nobody did see them yet...

I know a Dare! I dare you to show us the shy cameraman or camerawoman. I am really curious to see who he or she is. C’mon join the game.

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KT, I love your nickname :D
by: Kittykathy

Some of my friends also call me Katey, but I never would have thought to shorten it to your nick.

Pretty neat, KT :)

Oh and the dog is too cute... What's it's name?

I have a little doggie too, and she loves to lick my feet. Which tickles like hell!

Perhaps I'll turn that into a dare too. Next time, for sure ;)

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