How Real Guys Play Truth or Dare!

Are you looking good dares for guys to play truth or dare? In this video we see how real Daredevils play truth or dare with each other. Many of the Dares are hardcore so you need a real man for doing those dares. But check it out in the video!

First of all, guys playing Truth or Dare is not the wussy, nice and girly way to play the game.

Your honor is on the line and in some cases even your balls. As you see, those guys have created a nice punishment for not doing the dare.

Dare Penalty: The Nut Shot

The penalty is called the “Nut shot” and it’s as simple as it sounds.

Every guy gets his turn to throw a ball from several meter distance at your at you while you sit with your legs spread apart.

If nobody hits you, you are lucky. You get out of the punishment.

If you get hit, Well! You can imagine that it will hurt quite a lot.

But how to start, who will do the cool dares for guys first?

To make it fair, put the dares into a hat and everyone gets the same chance of picking the meanest dares - which are without any doubt in this hat.

The Dares The Guys Came Up With

Like eating a bunch of bad noodles that nobody could ever eat without throwing up! That’s an old classic.

Or the “Surprise Sandwich” just similar like the Surprise Cocktail. You just stuff a bunch of disgusting stuff into a sandwich and then hide it in between the two halves of the bread slices so that it looks really innocent.
  • If you can swallow it, then you are a real man and you win the Dare.

  • If not, Well you know what punishment is waiting for you...?

I liked the prank call where one guy imitated a gay person calling and trying to ask out a mutual friend of them.

Other dares are more and more nasty. Kissing the dog is alright but licking its butt is ... not for everyone.

And finally hitting your head as strong as you can against the wall...

I mean they did it in the video even in slow motion but part of me was dying when I watched this. It was really really painful.

I actually wonder if they all survived this legendary dare night for guys. Stay tuned for the future next video from them.

Did you like that video? Would you play “Truth or Dare” with those guys? Tell us in comments!

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Awesome to meet you guys :)
by: Francis (Webmaster)

Hi MakeItReign33 and SecretNanerpus! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

If you do another video or want to feature one that you think would fit this site, let me know by using my contact page!

I'm sure your next challenge will be bigger, better and - of course - even more manly :D

Have fun and don't break any bones!

Just plain awesome :)
by: SecretNanerpus

I have done the dare game with these guys before and watched too but the nastiest thing I have to do was the "mystery shot" which was just the the "mystery sandwich" and just nasty! But these guys are the bet at the dare game and expect more awesome dare game videos :)

That's us!
by: MakeItReign33

Hey, I am one of the gentlemen in this video! We are honored you did a piece on our video! We are currently trying to get another game going soon. Expect this one to be bigger, better and more sick dares. :D

way to go guys!
by: Anonymous

Now that's how real men play truth or dare. Who CARES who your crush is or which celebrity you want to go out with.

And the spaghetti or whatever that was look really disgusting. Great!

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Super Manly Truth or Dare – or Not?

Meet two big, strong hunks of a guy. Heroes among heroes, pure strength shining out of their eyes, muscle machines. Meet them playing super manly Truth or Dare!

Well, almost!

I got a nice laugh out of these two guys and special effects that they used to their videos.

Most of the dares included of course special effects, but I had to laugh when they playfully said that the manly dare would be to punch a kid in to the face.

The special strike the guy used was a real killer for my cheeks. Also great job on the voices for the guys and of course take home message is “if you kill each other while doing your dares, perhaps it’s time to choose Truth instead,” but would that be super manly?

I wonder!

What would be your most manly dare that would you ever come up with and follow through in the real life?

Would it be to act like a gorilla?

Beating your hairy chest with your fist?

Or . . .

Would it be to make a naked snow angel outside?

Whatever your manly dare is, don’t ever be as manly as these two Super Men in the video.


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